Anyone know any grimoires?

I am looking for some Grimoires on white magick/right hand path. Does anyone have any grimoires that they could recommend for me?

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If you are looking into angel magick, Damon brands book as well as Jareth tempest and Nick farrells The Shem Grimoire


Same that come to mind

Modern Magick by Donald Kraig

Damond Brand books:

72 Angels of Magick
Archangels of Magick
Greater Angels of Magick

What do you consider right hand path? What do you want out of magic?

Well I don’t want to cause any harm to others but I want to gain powers myself to protect and help others(including myself)

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So I guess right hand path

That’s not what right hand path is, but I get the confusion.

Right hand path is usually the path of putting your power in a deity to “progress” in life, having them define your purpose (not necessarily bad)

Left hand path is self deification, literally Becoming a Living God.

What you’re asking for is magic that isn’t curses, and curses aren’t necessarily right hand path or left hand path. Plenty of right hand path people curse whoever they please, and I personally don’t like cursing people as someone on the left hand path.

you probably have some ideas about the dualities between light and dark, but they’re most likely wrong. Because the left hand path and the right hand path have nothing to do with either.

So, tell me what your vision is. What do you really want in this craft? Remove all assumptions, just tell me what you desire

Zero Two, there are RHP people who curse and don’t care about people and LHP people that can’t do anything without deities and won’t probably advance towards anywhere in life, so use the labels to classify your books but not to limit yourself

Gallery of Magick books by Damon Brand and Gordon Winterfield.

Summoning Spirits, and Nocturnal Witchcraft by Konstantinos.

Evoking Eternity by EA Koetting.

The Practice of Magical Evocation by Franz Bardon.

The Book of the Sacred Magick of Abramelin the Mage, the Dehn translation.

The New Hermetics by Jason Newcomb.

Modern Magick by Donald Michael Craig

…to name just a few.


Jareth Tempest’s books are interesting. He writes a visionary type of magick that need no tools, just meditation and remembering a few things that are written in the books. The two volumes cover the 72 shem angels, the angels of the 42 letter name and the archangels.


The greater key of Solomon

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Here’s one publisher with great angel books, and here’s another.

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Helping yourself whit white witchrft. Amazing book. The author has ties to very good magicians on Europe. A real adept.