Anyone Know About A Demon With the name LUCY?

I immerse myself in the deeper corners of YouTube daily, and at least every third day I run into a different video with a computerized voice speaking about some celeb who “sold their soul to demon Lucy” with that exact photo as the background. It is from a highly polarized channel, to which I do not subscribe.

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Can You The Link Of One Of those Videos ? (I also remember encountering a vid similar to that when i searched about lucy )

That is the channel. Real Conspiracy.

I am not an endorser of this channels content.

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Your welcome.

Even Lucifarianism? Lol that’s the only idea that makes an sense. Honestly the whole thing is speculation though and the big 3 were highly fictionalized and bastardized to what they are now.

Yes. You need all pieces to the puzzle basically. The only problem is those pieces are scattered in all of each other’s boxes. What blows my mind are Muslims and Jews 90% of the. Do not even know ow or understand their own religion. Most people say “OH MUSLIMS AND JEWS ARE NOT BAD.” “JUST SELECT FEW OF THEM BAD APPLES ONA TREE.”… well if you read their Bibles… Their good tells them directly that if you encounter a non Muslim or Jew that will not submit to judism or Islam, you must kill them and all of their animals, their animals meat is not even worthy of putting in your belly… That is litterly their good telling them to.kill all other religions… I’m not a practicer of lucifarianism. I’m not really a practicer of any particular religion.

That’s true, those texts make no sense and I do agree all “religion” has cut, pasted and edited from others so why wouldn’t they all have a similar central core?

I won’t derail this further, I’ll just put out a basic on Lucifarianism. It’s all you. You are the center and the power is in you, everything else is an Egregore. I’m sure there are posts with much more detail here for you though :slight_smile:

Alright weird shit time, I came into this site because I was like who tf is Lucy because when I was younger I had gotten hurt and was in so much fucking pain that it literally felt like time stood still and I felt like I was in hell when I heard a voice of a young girl saying “you’re not in hell , you’re going to be okay.” And immediately after I just started feeling that this entity’s name was Lucy. And I was terrified but oddly comforted by whatever it was. This was when I was younger around 10 years old, I was born into a SUPER catholic family so I thought it could’ve been St.Lucy but something in me was always knowing that it wasn’t a saint but something different. And at 16 years old I left the Catholic Church behind because it’s ridiculously rigid and the catholic origins are just super fucked up with rape and scamming people to get into “heaven.” So yeah fuck that and I just wanted to share my weird story with whoever decides to read this. Also whenever I see “666” something good happens to me , I know this number isn’t ACTUALLY evil but I mean, who’s really on my side ya know?



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Lucifer likes to be called Lucy, especially by pretty young tattoed girls.

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Why we have a same experience,also when im in pain or being sad alone I feel there’s a girl and yeaaa I dreamt bout her and she wants to take me with her.She all know what I feel right now,she always said that “I’m always here for you” but idk strange feeling tho.When i breakdown or sudden sadness I suddenly feel uh idk what to say but I know she’s comforting me until I get okay.

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Ale Gamez (The mountain with teeth) has a character named Lucia.

I have been seeing lucy as you say she says that I am the one she chooses I do not know what this means I would like to get more information

A post about Lilith, the demon Lucy and St Lucia:

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Yes…I have been contacted in the past by a spirit called Lucy…who appeared as a little girl of maybe 5-7 years…wearing a white frock. She has this melancholic vibe… She said I am your guardian angel.

I am not sure about her though but your picture looks like Baphomet.

Thanks…I will check this out.

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Yes the demon in disenchantment is named Lucy Haha.