Anyone know a good spirit to work to help someone lose weight and take their health seriously?

Someone that I deeply care about has gained a significant amount of weight since I met them. They are obese now and say they want to lose weight, but don’t do anything about it. They admit to being addicted to fast/junk food and say they need to change but are stuck In the same cycle. I worry at this rate they will be at high risk for other health problems given their high rate of weight gain. I rarely use magick on other people but want to do something to help turn this persons life around in a positive way so they can be happier and more confident. Anyone know a good spell or spirit to work with to help this person lose weight? I should mention this person is not a practitioner, but they know that I am and believe that my spells work.


Not dealing with any spirit but Adam Blackthorne’s book ‘111 Sigils of Power and Transformation’ has various sigils that are perfect for this. That book is brilliant and very powerful, so I highly recommend it.


I love his work and will check out that book. Thanks for the recommendation.

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well king paimon to change their minds or manipulate them into being healthy. play subliminal videos without them knowing lol :joy:


Work on helping them develop discipline first but note that discipline can be broken at times so be sure to specify with the entity to not let them give up if they relapse. It could be something deeper within at play (eating for comfort because of pain).

On the mundane side, take up an activity with your friend.

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Haagenti’s your demon trust me

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Check the book “The Great Healers, Angels & Demons” from Frater Sorax



Addictions are the worst. I may be way off, but is your friend trying to self-medicate for depression or something like it? Maybe if there is a root cause for why they are doing this to themself, it might be possible to remove that and make it easier to manage the food addiction. For example, sending a new love interest their way might motivate them, or binding a problem at their workplace for them could redirect their focus onto their own wellbeing and off of bare emotional survival.