Anyone know a good spell for communing to beings outside of our plane of exsistance?

ive tried several different tactics to comunicate to them but to no avail it hasnt worked(as far as i am aware) so does anyone know if i can use a spell to reach them?

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What or who do you want to contact? Someone special or just a random dude who is available?

There is a powerful summoning spell to get extra terestrials to talk to you

Go outside

Look up at the night sky

Tell them you aint afraid and that they are little bitches

Tell them we are the Only Dominant species in the universe and have no use for “their kind”

Prepare to be abducted

Alternate Spell:

Work at area 51


im trying to contact raziel and anyone whos avaliable


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Raziel is easy to contact. Use his sigil.

I was joking man, calm down

You can summon Pleidians through Evocation. Some of the New Age Ascended Masters ARE Pleidians actually

Do some research on them, and you can find some names

whats his sigil?


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Some of them dont have sigils that i know of, so you may have to call them by name

i see

Well first I would just meditate. On his sigil if you want. Ask the questions you want to have answered and start casual conversation this way. You may think this is just you making things up but most of the time it is not and if the god wants to talk to you you get answers right away.
Just speaking from my experiences though…

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There are a few different ones. I used the sigil in EA’s book Evoking Eternity. There is another in Damon Brand’s books. You should be able to find one that speaks to you via Googlemancy.

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And pleaaase be careful with random shitheads. You open a portal for them if you give them your energy and it can be really dangerous if you don’t know who or what is talking to you.
Many spirits don’t want to leave and attach themselfes to anything they can grab and if this happens to be you, you have a big problem. Trust me I didn’t even talk to them/give them attention at all and they still annoy me at nighttime. I have to put a lot of barriers up to protect myself and have a relaxed night.
(They are attached to my house btw)

i have special sigils tatooed on me to channel my energy to them to sheild me from spirits

Thats cool! Would you like to show the tattoos? I love occult themed tattoos :heart_eyes: (maybe via pm if you’re not comfortable with it? :slight_smile: )

sorry but im in class rn and they are on my back so i can keep it hidden

It’s not about the right spell it’s about the right state of mind. I think you might be attracted to the idea of the supernatural but I don’t feel any purpose associated with your interest. Other beings have their own life and will. Why should they be interested in you? Most beings are psychic anyway so they can just project you as a simulation in their mind and commune with that or just read your mind. Many beings are extremely intelligent so it’s nothing for them to read a human in less than a second. Most humans are shallow and have nothing to offer or which interests other dimensional beings.

Just think to yourself for a moment, how interested are you in me? Probably not at all. Expect the same from other beings. Unless… you have a purpose and a need to encounter such a being. Then it’s only a matter of time till you neet one.

I’ve met several gods and spirits. Each time I did it was for a reason. I’ve had a goal I have sought to accomplish. I set a purpose for myself. I had a reason, a need, and that need magnetically drew my intended result to me. Things you don’t need to do, you probably won’t do. And without purpose, the goal is shallow.

Why are you interested in communing with other beings?

Several of the beings I encountered appeared to me. I didn’t have to summon them to me. They were interested in me because of some workings I had been doing. So my purpose and action attracted them to me.

Just know that to walk through one door other doors close. So be thoughtful about which path you take. My investments into the spirit have cost me greatly in other areas. A price I have paid with a wary heart.

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im trying to cleanse a crystal thats corrupted by someone who forced their will on it so i can try to use it the only way to do so needs divine intervention to do so.