Anyone know a good demon to summon to deal with an enemy?

There stood the shape of a giant in shadow. If ravens had not risen from the wheat field the boy would have never looked there to see the two hanged men in the sour apple tree like chimes.

I will not waste everyone’s time here going into the awful details. But the for a while now I have been suicidal depressed, etc, etc, and was telling a friend that I needed some help. Their immidate response was to pose every phobia, or stressor or trigger on their website, the stuff that makes me want to give in, and just talk about it like it is a good thing.

I cannot breath. Anyway, I need to lash out as best I can. I have had some luck with demons like Sitri and Sallos, but now I need one to seriously wreak some havoc can anybody help?

Yes, the I.RS.

But seriously, search this forum there are plenty mentioned.

Thanks Azesiel. By the way, that I.R.S. comment scared me at first, then I got the joke. Good one, ha ha!

Empyrean93, I am very interested in what you are saying. I saw that same sort of thing, or similar, in my mind’s eye while I was walking through the storm drains, and I was constantly saying in a high pitched voice to myself things I imagined bane would say. I had not really given it that much thought, but now that you bring it to mind, that was pretty strange that just forced itself in my head one day. The boiling tar thing, (mephistophles, wow! From Faust.) is something I saw before in those same drains, only almost manifest in reality.

Anyway, is there any way to summon this bane like creature?

Heptamaltor. Sammael. Even Michael can help if you’re being attacked. Methsan. Sahrim. Sahgurim. Zantalor. There are dozens that you can call for this.


If you’re going to avoid dealing with your own mental problems and lash out at everybody else, let me be the first to encourage you to go ahead and snuff it now.

Oh boy I can really relate to that. There’s a couple people I’ve tried to help in the past and it was just so frustrating because they couldn’t come to terms with their own painfully stupid hangups, no matter how much I explained why they couldn’t do shit unless they did that.

Wow, thanks for answering E.A.
I really appreciate it. Keep up the great work.

My own problems? My problems are being attacked when I am in the most vulnerable state of mind, and being encouraged to kill myself by people who do not know how far the depths of human misery can go. After knowing nothing about the situation, and saying I should kill myself because of what you do not know, I am not sure why lashing out at others for causing my problems is a bad idea. It would be cutting off my mental problems at the root. I am fine with my mind, I am not find with what others put in their in ignorance and haste.

@empyream93, how did you first come in contact with “Bane”?

Very true Empyrean, using and holding onto that kind of negativity can and will bring some very nasty shit to you. I experienced it myself although I never tried communicating with it or got a name from it, It felt hostile even towards me so I left it alone. I was too green at the time to try and build a relationship.

I had been cursing people alot, too, when I experienced something similar to what you have called “Bane.”

It may have something to do with the phrase: “I am bringing darkness into light, and light into darkness.” From the book of Job.

Any idea how to get the sigil? I used Glasya Labolas, but no luck yet. Do you know if burning the sigil afterward helps or impedes.

You sound like you have alot of experience, Empyrean.

This is highly coincidental yet again. I was just thinking about Gnosticism and the Kabala when I woke up this morning. I was thinking that the God-head, or Omnipotence, is at the top in pure white light so to speak, and then that energy “trickles down” for lack of a better term into different branches of gods and goddesses, who have different sets and sub-sets.

Your knowledge on religion, all the way going back to the B.C.E. is very impressive. You had even mentioned a demiurge, in the Gnostic tradition, perhaps a entity, spirit, demon, or force, or even a human being, who acquires power and knowledge, and then simply uses it for their own ends, or deliberately sets humanity backward, or keeps them from progress in the truest sense of the word.

You have a lot of information. I have heard it theorized that the human age we are in now, often termed the information age, is coming to a boiling point, so to speak. Just as when water boils, it turns to steam, the water is not dead, it has simply changed states. So, too, I think it is with our culture, with our ever increasing technology, and information constantly speeding up, it is likely that information will be found, at some point, to be an actual psychical substance, which will “boil over” into some kind of steam.

The singularity, as some call it? Even correlating to the molecular computer in 215, or 2020, or nano machines as electrode implants, human beings being part machine, the species becoming unrecognizable in the distant or not so distant future.

As far as your almost encyclopedic knowledge is concerned, I was wondering if I could maybe ask you a question or so, on your own magic, and magical experiences. I have been seeing a lot of proof recently, after discovering E.A. and his broader scope of magical systems, rituals, and technical foundation. But the proof, although not subtle, is so difficult to put into words, and in many other circumstances, if my third eye, or senses, were not trying to pick up on it, I would have just dismissed as mere coincedence, or as wishful thinking. But it gets harder and harder to dismiss, when there is so much working all at once, etc.

So I was wondering about your own magical experience. Thanks for being so helpful, resourceful, and talkative.

Thank you very, very much for your words. It is invaluable to me. Take care of your self, my freind. May you prosper in all you do.

I think empyrean said it all. Would also reccommend you to research Shugara if you are not familiar with him (see Naos & Caelethi, Shugara: A Sinister Pathworking). He/She (whatever you perceive him as) is one of the most destructive powers Ive come across.

because losing everything you love or dying is winning… oh wait, you mean the moral argument or the fact that they pissed you off enough to curse them? they can have the satisfaction… too bad small victories do not win wars.

HE wins a free curse. If you use that kind of logic your curses will not be effective. You have to feel truly wronged and act in vengeance or extreme rage for a curse to really work. I’ve tried to curse with a cold “they’re already dead to me” mindset and it just didn’t work like it did when I was shaking with rage and to the point of not caring about the repurcussions as long as my target suffered.

So…those who anger us, control us. That may be true but REVENGE is a lot of fun.

as far as it not working the more you work at something the stronger it gets(like a muscle)… as for the time and effort… you don’t seem like the type that enjoys sadism but for someone like me that’s part of the appeal

It takes time, energy, thoughts and preparation to make a nice meal too, and isn’t it all the better when everything comes together and you surprise yourself with how good it is?

And when the curse pays off I get to sit back and watch my target spend all their time, energy, finances trying to keep their health, life and sanity intact. Seems like a fair trade. If it doesn’t work you can either move on or give it another shot or at the very least make a nice meal.

You could always call on your ancestors if people are really trying to drive you to suicide.
The dead are good at seeking out your foe and screwing them up beyond repair.