Anyone know a comprehensive list of deities, preferably by ethnic relation?

I know the Satanic Bible has a name dump, and a few other books have deity information (Self Initiation into the Golden Dawn Tradition, Ritual Magic Workbook, etc). Many of the EA works hover by name association to the Judeo Christian pantheon, and I would love to explore the galaxies for names.
Im thinking of evoking a pantheon a month, and would like to guage the sense of power by substitution of names in popularized rituals, to see if there is an aha moment in doing so.
Then all the while trying to gather new names for evocation to add to my New Names topic.
Payday is soon to arrive, in which case im going out on a shopping trip.


Well, Wikipedia can provide a decent list of deities in various pantheons. Here they give lists for different cultures:


Encyclopedia of spirits is a good book with many spirits of different cultures in alphabetic order as well as their descriptions and attributes.


Thanks :slight_smile: