Anyone here practicing Early Slavic Magick?

I’m surprised how underrepresented this path is. The mythology is rich, with many diverse demons and entities in it (perhaps even more than the Norse mythology) and magick was even an important aspect of Early Slav’s lives

So…anyone practicing it?

I don’t practice early Slavic magic, but I I have a close relationship with the gods of Slavic mythology, since my entire father’s side of the family is Slavic.

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Ever worked with Svarog, or Chernobog/Crnobog?

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I’ve worked with Dazbog, not with Chernebog.


I work sometimes with Baba Yaga if that counts.
PS, you could watch American Gods and check out czernobog and a whole host of other Slavic deities like the zorya sisters :slight_smile:

And I think there’s a free pdf of Slavic mythology and a bit of spells floating around online and I believe it’s out of copyright so you could check that out


Definitely counts.

I’ll check it out, thanks!



Any insights on channeling Chernobog?

Give him an offering of food and use the image as a sigil:


Hey awesome thanks!!! :star_struck:

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