Anyone here married to La Santa Muerte?

If so, can you talk about your experience? Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

I don’t think anyone is but she is a sweet one


same lol omg tbh i see her as my own fairy godmother


She is too good to be true! =D My only regret is not knowing of her existence sooner.

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I know lots of people would think having thoughts of marrying her as wrong, weird, or similar to wanting to marry your Grandmother. I don’t see her as a Grandmother at all, yet I also don’t get, or have ever gotten sexual vibes from her either. Marriage to her for me would be more like a deepening at all levels.

Better late then never she likes to play with hair and she loves roses as well

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I haven’t experienced that. Sounds so very cute though.

Lol yeah if you end up marring her spirit spouse are really wonderful let me tell you first hand lol

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Yes, I’m marrying her soon on April 18th which will be exactly two years from when I first set up an altar to her.

I have never felt a sense of belonging like I have with her. I don’t feel like a victim anymore, but I grew up being the family scapegoat, so I have never known what it is like to belong, and with her, it feels like “home”, where I feel totally understood and accepted.
Just the thought of not consciously remembering her after I depart from this plane of existence makes me shed many tears. I have heard, the soul remembers, but that doesn’t satisfy me.