Anyone have any idea about this sigil?

Long time ago someone (when I had alot of “spirit” activity, stuff going on) tried to help me, and gave me this sigil? Don’t know if it’s legit, supposedly belongs to an energy that was present with me ?

I opened it and felt an energy but my communication/scanning ability is still weak and don’t know much more then felt something when I opened it. Anyone able to help out? I wasn’t able to find the sigil anywhere online which is why I’m asking for help here. I currently still have an entity with me (sexual one) but it might not belong to them – still figuring out about the entity I have with me lol.

Screenshot directly from phone. (Not sure if I have to do anything besides cite the source – which is my phone?)

  • I’m also aware it’s a demon sigil which is why I’m wondering if the sigil is legit*

@DarkestKnight @Velenos ?

Excuse me for posting; however, I needed to look for something and ran across this.

I’m getting a strong sense of Beelzebub.

I could be entirely wrong.

Beelzebub says he destroys tyrants, causes men to worship Demons, and arouses sexual desire in holy men and “select priests.” He also causes wars, instigates murders, and arouses jealousy.


I’ll be going now.

There is also a thread on here about Dragon and mirror Magick. I could not find the link. That may help.

Or maybe Beliel, it could be an ancient sigil of either of these two.

Or possibly something to do with the Kundalini. Without my ancestors, I’m not as sharp.

Have a good week.

That looks like it might be charged with either succubus or incubus energy. It bears some similarity to Lilith’s sigil. Lilith is the Mother of both succubi and incubi alike. It could be a fusion sigil for both a succubus and an incubus.


I have an unknown sexual entity with me. Have had one for years (since I was a child), had alot of paranormal activity and in the last few months connected to this being. Could this be the being?

Cause if not I was about to try and banish, if so I’ll open it and try and communicate to them to make an agreement/contract on my expected terms. Which obviously now there needs to be that or a banishment. @DarkPaladin

Terms to make things mutual, and a relationship based more on love then sex/constant arousal/not listening when I say no. There’s moments where I think the being “loves” me because I’ll feel them touch my chest/heart and get a warm feeling, etc. However they are constantly touching me, and it’s been months of this. They’re also very attached (I suspect) to me, and are able to manifest Physically for me ( I can feel the energies on a much more Physical level now) so I dunno. I need to set boundaries. Or be more firm.

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I would advise against banishment. I tend to think terms are a good idea. I’m trying to figure up sigils for 5 different succubi. Lately, I’ve only been wearing a Lilith sigil ring, sometimes two, considering the fact of the before mentioned fact that Lilith is their mother that obviously sent them to keep me company. I’ve only been able to learn their names recently. I just know that it’s never the same one each time because different ones have different auras. When I see them in dreams, they each have different skin colors. All 5 of them have dominant personalities. The only thing that I can figure for you is the same that I have done for my spirit beings. Write/Type up a contract for them and then perform a ritual of your own making.

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I mean i DO love the being, and banishment was going to be the last recourse. There have definitely been good times, and she does seem to show me alot of affection. I just don’t know why she doesn’t stop touching me when I ask her not to.

It may be me, cause I realize I’m a pretty sexual person in my own and maybe she’s sensing something I’m not. But conciously I want the relationship to be balanced.

The banishement option was outta pure stress really. I need to be more clear in my mind. Also I’ve been building a relationship with Lilith, to work with her on things like self love, and confidence, and perhaps healing (heard that can be tough), so maybe I’ll ask her.

Oh. That makes sense.

DukanteLilith 82a59085798d7131f18bda4451ae23fa

These are Lilith’s sigils.

That actually helped me out, but I don’t work with her.

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Lilith’s Sigil with the Latin words that add up to "Queen Lilith Alliance


Lilith’s basic sigils. The one on the left is exactly what is engraved into my Lilith Sigil rings.

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Show the succubus love and affection and communicate with her. Lilith sent her to you for a reason. She continues to touch you to inspire you. I’m pretty certain of that. As for balance, ask Lilith to influence her to let up a little bit. I’ve had to do that a time or two on my end.

Relationships eventually balance themselves out. Patience and understanding of your succubus is what is necessary.

I have a sneaky feeling that your succubus is a very young one. They tend to be supercharged like crazy at that stage. Think toddler on steroids level of energy. They will head straight to your sexual energy like an electromagnet. Banishment should only be the very last resort.

I’m just confused, I’ve never once done a letter of intent to Lilith. I also never tried to summon one on my own.

I think the succubus has been with me for most of if not all of my life. I had alot of weird dreams when I was young, 1 sleep paralysis experience where I suspect it was her “arousing me” and told me something (not gonna repeat it, it was kinda “dirty”), plus always feeling a presence with me/activity to.

Maybe the water droplets or sprays should have tipped me off (and all the information here) but I’m never to sure. I don’t know if Lilith sent her, or if she came on her own.

Also something I noticed, now my bed… smells sweet like a female scent all the time. Like you know when you have s** or sleep with someone, theyre scent tends to stay on your bed…

I do show her love and affection, I try and mentally send thoughts to her (like have a conversation with her – not real clairaudient so I don’t get replies just feelings), and I definitely try and spend time (although I try and encourage more cuddling and less touching…), Plus things like that.

If you have a computer, type out your words to her. Then, pause for a little while. After that, she will influence your thoughts into something of coherent thoughts and even images. You get replies, trust me. I think I’ve known mine since probably before I was 7 or 8. I think I gained more succubus beings over the years and they just noticed my high sexual energy and they latched onto me like crazy. Succubus beings can be blood vampires or sex vampires though. More often than not, they are sex vampires though.

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