Anyone have any experience with The Rake?

This woman recently contacted me after her son told her about the nightmares he’s been having. The same recurring nightmares which plagued her childhood until the age of 9-10, when they stopped. She never thought anything of it until now.

More renditions of the Rake here, If you scroll, you’ll see some of them have the ears. In many encounters, it gets mistaken for a mangled dog.

Anyways, what it’d doing is putting on a real attention grabbing horror show, basically going after everything you care about and eviscerating it in front of you. Imagine dreaming of that 4 times a week for most of your childhood! No physical marks or waking world manifestations of any kind.

To me it seems an overly theatric attention grabbing maneuver, presumably feeding off the emotional response generated by it’s tactics. Kind of a one trick pony actually.

An obvious solution is not to give it what it wants, but the kid it’s happening to is 4 years old. I’m hoping mom can come up with an engaging game which will condition the way the kid responds to the situation.

In the meantime, I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this beastie. Anyone have any direct experience or know any lore on the Rake? Who’s going to be my Bobby Fisher :slight_smile:

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I do in a manner of speaking.

My youngest daughter came face to face with this thing while she was driving her vehicle about 2 o’clock in the morning in a fairly well lit intersection. She was the only vehicle on the road almost coming to a stop at a red light. She came straight to my house after seeing it and told me about it.

The way she described it to me the creature was eating something that looked like roadkill. She described the appearance of the creature as being almost completely white without any melatonin or hair of any kind showing on its surface. Its eyes were large and reflective in the headlights of her car. In an almost ape like fashion Its rear legs were much shorter than its front legs and hinged in the opposite direction much like a dog. she did not observe a tail, it’s sexuality or even offensive abilities of any kind other than small teeth in a very large mouth that seem to be screaming at her in fear.

While she wasn’t traveling that fast ( in anticipation of stopping at the light), she was moving too fast to avoid hitting the creature. She stated that she jumped on the brakes and the creature panicked, leaping over the car in one bound and reaching the soft shoulder with no problem then disappearing into a nearby field behind Walgreens. I recall she was almost as amazed at not hitting it as seeing in the first place.

Now what’s interesting about this is that she told me about this creature 5 years ago before it became big news. One day not too long ago she showed me a video she found online and told me that the video could very well be a fake, but if it is they did a damn good job because it was exactly what she saw that night driving home after work. When she told me about it she didn’t have a name for the thing, but now they call it a “Rake”.

I asked her at the time if she had an impression as to what the creature may or may not have been thinking based on its reactions and she did have an opinion. She said it seem to be more afraid of her and being seen by her then she was of it. I asked her if she was afraid to be alone in the dark with it, and she replied only if it was cornered. I asked at the time if she had an impression as to what the creature may or may not have been thinking based on its reactions and she did have an a general impression… She said it seems to be more fearful of her and being seen by her - than she was of it.

I asked why wouldn’t she be afraid to be alone in the dark with it, and she replied “…only if it was unable to escape, I don’t know why- but I dont think it has any interest in eating people or anything like that. I guess it looked kind of desperate and scared.” When I asked her why she thought it was desperate she said "why else would it come that far when into town to eat roadkill when it was terrified of being seen? It doesn’t have any claws it doesn’t have any fangs and the only thing it seems to be able to do is hide in the dark, eat whatever meat it can find and run away. "

The second thing of interest is that she does have recurring nightmares and has since she was a child. In many ways she is terrified to sleep at night even as an adult.

On a final note it’s worth mentioning that I grew up in the area that she spotted this creature. I played out in the fields where that Walgreens was erected and the property was developed. As a child I spent plenty of time playing around in an extensive tunnel system there that exists for the septic and water waste disposal system. Those tunnels are augmented by the railroad and its tunnels through the mountain. If that thing is in the area it has plenty of places to hide more or less right under the feet of the people that live there.

Oh and one more thing, that night I made her take me to this place and show me where she saw the creature. I guess it was about 4 a.m. when we drove down by Walgreens and the roadkill was right when she said it would be.

I hope this helps.

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I’ve seen some videos of creatures like this on youtube, looked just like the drawings below (which are bad ass by the way, love the one with the glowing eyes and bloody hands, looks like they came from DeviantArt?) Anyway, the videos while possibly fake, do show the creatures turning their heads towards the person with the camera (or a hidden security camera in some instances) screeching very loudly in fear, and scampering away. And the creatures are almost always eating dead deer or rabbits in the videos.

I saw one that looked uncanningly real and looked almost impossible to have been photoshop or special FX, but everyone was saying FAKE! BS! the usual. But if you showed that video to anyone from the past who had never heard of photoshop or special FX and they’d be shitting themselves for sure, that’s how real it looked. I imagine people assumed it was a fake video because there was an independent film made a few years ago in 2011 I believe? about some teenagers who were home alone for a few days and it was filmed the same way the Paranormal Activity movies are filmed.

The kids originally thought their house was haunted because chairs were moving on their own, doors opening and closing, light turning off and on, and they placed these strings with bells in front of the doorways to see if something would step through them and make the bells ring. The movie then changed to suggest maybe it was aliens instead of ghosts and the kids ended up seeing a creature like this outside and the film ends with all of teenagers being killed. I forgot all about that movie until just now, wish I could remember the name.

Not saying that it actually exists but i have heard people report me that “they saw a white human like creature rising from the dike” (they run away after this) can’t say anything more on this subject, i thought it was just a creepypasta.

A lot of stuff would make sense though it human fears and movies, and tales all exist in some plane…

Well the funny thing about any rare phenomena that is witnessed, regardless of who you are no one really believes you. Nothing new about that. I didn’t see it, but I believe my Daughter did.

I did fail to mention one thing though, she told me that what she saw was very different then what you see in the media. In films and TV aliens and monsters look smart and dangerous. To her, this thing looked “like a kid, afraid and alone” and more like “- someone’s mistake got loose-” than being a monster on the loose.

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I can’t remember what it was called but I read a story years ago about a curse, the person who issued it drew a slouched figure with its long claw-like fingernails dragging behind it on a slip of paper and handed it to the target, and it would then start to follow them until it finally caught up with them - reminds me seriously of that first picture.

That’s all I have on this, but maybe the mom could encourage the kid to start daydreaming about superheroes fighting it, so his waking dreams can influence his sleeping dreams?

I don’t have as much expertise in lucid dreaming as The Cusp and a few other people here, but I do know a thing or two about using daydreams to affect life and even sleep - my “imaginary” friends often pop up in my dreams to help me out for example.

RL, you need to set up a game cam in front of a pile of roadkill!

He’s in the movie The Descent

Anyone know who his agent is?

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Haven’t had any experience with it but i did try to hammer out a sketch of it based on forum descriptions.

Well, you know if enough people give their collective consciousness to a particular idea, thought, or made up entity, it can cause that idea or thought to become real in a sense and take on a life of its own. Thinking of entities that are supposedly only here because we created them by giving them our upmost attention, what’s to say that’s not also possible with non-spiritual creatures?

Human imaginations are very powerful things, I’m sure with enough focus, we could possibly dream up a physical creature with a solid body that has a mind of its own. Not every dreampt up creation would have to be limited to non-physical bodies, spirits, ghosts etc. right? Scientists even believe the world and our immediate surroundings only exist because we believe they exist, so it makes full on creature manifestation seem plausible to me if the circumstances are right.

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I’ve heard of this before. Some people even say that’s how the Necronomicon (sp?) became so powerfu.
I’ve been expecting this to happen with Slenderman.

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I actually have a theory about the Rake which falls in line with much of your story. Not all that long ago a video was released on YouTube by someone who mostly posted travel videos, but absolutely nothing paranormal or fantastical in anyway. While this person and a friend were spelunking an enormous ancient ice cave (If my memory serves me correct is was somewhere Scandinavian). While there they noticed something climbing extremely high up on the icey wall of this cave, and we able to catch a few moments of it on their phone. It very much fit the description that your daughter gave, as well as what we’ve seen in a handful of some of the more believable videos out there. This might sound a little “out there”, but my theory is that these might be a human hybrid crossover held over from an ancient time, not unlike a cro-magnum or Neanderthal. Afterall, the remains of a race and civilization of “hobit” like humans was found by archeologists within my life time as well. These Rake most likely have been surviving in conditions no mordern form of humanity could withstand, most likely living very deep within the earths natural connecting cave systems. Able to survive due to their ability to go wholey untouched, and unnoticed. Yet as the earth changes from natural and not-so-natural conditions, these creatures may be forced up and out to the surface to hunt and scavenge for food. The sightings have definitely raised in numbers in recent year’s. And while most video evidence looks like bullshit, there are a handful of videos out there that are a little more convincing. The one thing I’ve noticed in these videos is that the creature usually stays out of sight until it is discovered, and only then does it seem to react. Just like your daughters impressions of the creature. It only really seems dangerous if it fears for it’s own safety. Most of the better video’s usually reaults with somebody stumbling upon this thing, a distinct screaching sound emanates, but it never actually attacks or pursues the human. I also agree that these creatures (while nightmarish in appearance) do not look very dangerous upon further analysis. I would imagine that these creatures would be quite terrified of a normal human. All the defining traits fall in line with something that lives it’s life in the cold #dark, and subsides on a minimal diet. Much like the fictional character Gollum, only more agile, and adept at hunting. We live in a world where contrary to popular beliefs there is still much land left unexplored. If more people would travel, they would see out their plain window vast areas of uninhabited land, even in America. I don’t believe for a moment that we have discovered and catalogued every living species, probably not even half. No one had even laid their eyes on a Gorilla until 1902, and even then not much was known about them until they were really studied in the 1970s. Gorillas possessed a high enough intellect in order to evade humanity for the majority if their very existence. I noticed someone else mentioned the Tulpa theory on here. I’ve actually thought about that possibility as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tulpas were responsible for such things as Vampires, and the like, but I definitely believe in the very real possibility of creatures such as the Rake, and even Bigfoot. Creatures that align with certain known scientific markers which would make the existence of such a creature possible. And god only knows what lurks in the inky black depths of our unexplored oceans. I could be totally wrong, but if such thing’s were to be proven true, I wouldn’t be suprised in the least. I think there are still many incredible mysteries in our world still waiting to be unearthed! Some intelligent enough to stay away from us! Thank you for sharing you and your daughters story, it was really thought provoking to read!

Hiya OP! Rakes are djinn-like creatures (near-physical) that are the air element version of hellhounds, they’re hunters that belong to Lady Wind. They excel at maiming! :slight_smile:

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