Anyone familiar with these symbols

Yesterday I was meditating with Lucifer. He showed me an owl, a spider and a squid.

I was wondering if anyone knows what connection these might have with Lucifer (other than the Owl obviously being connected with wisdom and insight). I’m not sure if these are symbols of his.

He didn’t say anything that I remember, just showed me those three.


Be wise when ordering calamari off the web?


Sorry I had to, :wink:


Spiders are symbolic of spiritual conflict or attack. The color of the spider, shape and size can also have meanings to who the deity is.

From my own experience I had several visions with red and black spiders with human faces slowly walking down rows of church pews. Indicating to me Lucifer and Berith had announced themselves to me as advancing into my life in my case to carry out a hex. I had also seen many black insects that seemed to fly in and around me announcing that the entities in question were present.

The squid is a premonition for the various layers and multiple dimensions that make up your life. You are discovering a new aspect of yourself.

This vision is a sign for power, strength and flexibility and classic Lucifer with the (black?) spider and owl indicating a spirit of knowledge. The spirit wants you to consider the risks that you take in life, and before you make a decision, think carefully before you act and consider the future outcomes both positive and negative.


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Be wise when ordering calamari off the web?

Hahaha! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I don’t really remember the color of the spider… though I think it was black. The web was rainbow colored.

Interesting interpretation. Thank you. I’ll think about that.

Thank you for your interpretation. That is helpful. I’ll do some inner reflection.

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You’re welcome. The spider has been seen as a symbol of spinning a web and trapping its prey ensnared in that web. The spider’s legs represent the four winds of change and the four directions of the compass.


What do you think about the rainbow web?

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And what about the owl?

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The visions presented to people of various deities are symbolic according to the message they wish to convey.

Demons use symbolism with its appearance to convey its task, and to convey a message that you have requested an answer to, or perhaps as a warning.

In this case Lord Lucifer is conveying what he is offering to you, the owl is wisdom, the spider and it’s multicolor web is a message that he encompasses and surrounds the globe and not to entrap yourself into negative conduct and poison yourself with your magical knowledge but to seek knowledge to improve yourself.

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Wow. Thank you. I’m sitting here trying to figure it out and I’m like…IDK. lol But that makes sense. Thank you. I will be able to let him know now that I accept! :slight_smile:

What exactly do you mean by this? Poison myself. You’re saying that he’s telling me not to study magick?

This I’m totally down with. lol. That’s all I want to do.

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No, keep going with magic. I think a better cliche would be it might come back to bite you or be careful what you cast especially if it’s for bane or a hex at least for a start.

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Ok so all joking aside earlier, these animals are all very clever and cunning and merciless when dealing with prey. Interesting that you have one of each representation of air earth and water to compliment a baby dragons fire.
Just googling those magnificent creatures, you learn a lot about them and their intelligence.

I feel that you are getting urged to take those qualities and bring yourself into balance.


Gotcha. lol. I’ll certainly be careful…I don’t have anyone right now that I need to be baneful with but I’ll keep it in mind in the future! Lol.

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Thank you for this interpretation. I will be sure to look them up individually and learn their lessons.

I just was curious because I was invoking Lucifer and those were the things he showed me…I wasn’t sure if they were animals that were associated with him or not.

Also, when ever I see images like that…they usually all go together to form one whole message…so I was struggling to put the total message together.

This is an interesting note. I am currently working on breaking the conditioning of my childhood religion…all these things you mentioned are things we were taught NOT to be. So maybe I need to embrace them as a part of my growth.

Thank you


could’ve been anything such as leading you to Ba’al who takes on the form of a spider as well as a cat, toad and human form.

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Hmm…ok. That’s interesting. I’ll have to look Ba’al up! Thank you for that, I didn’t know!