Anyone ever used the ‘4 princes of hell’ spell?

A spellcaster I know (I’m 100% positive they are legit) is willing to cast what she calls a 4 princes of hell spell which invokes Lucifer, Satan, Belial and Leviathan to go to whatever ends necessary to get the results you want basically.
She said it can (possibly) backfire in some ways but it’s pretty much definite that it will work and results wanted will be achieved.
Just wondered if anyone had had experiences with this before and how you found the results to manifest? Was it a monkeys paw effect or was it fine?


I don’t know anything of such, but I can tell you that there are some Spirits that has visible drawbacks.

Like one summoned to fetch us a certain amount within given days, the master operator was just taking a stroll and he hit his on something which when he looked down to see, he saw nothing. And he sustained an injury there. The second day we got the amount we asked for.

Stuff like that. But I have no idea if those four kings does things that way too.

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