Anyone ever heard of a voodoo 77 year love binding spell?

Hi im wondering if you guys have ever heard of a binding that involves voodoo dolls and animal blood sacrifice being done?

77 years? Never heard of it but would love to if someone know something.

Its a historia in hoodoo. Tat the blood sacrice to a deity. Which can be adapt to bind a pwrson to you, yes itd possible bcse witches do temporal. And forever. But consecuences are he may get sick. Beat you. Real witches offer you 1 year, 3 5 20 or eternity. A black chicken, a circulo of cinamon. Sal and piedra lumbre or something like a rock. Or charcoal. To purify its black lumber or somwthing, sugar flowers, alcohol u wish. And candles, repeat for 3 days, unti u spirt showup. Classic is astaroth, asmodeus. Satan. But its mexican tradicion. In voodo never hear tat but hoodo. Besides blood menstrual.

Its a book call the devils bindspell. In amazon were the author use a circle, candlws repeat, etc. Amazon ebook. Similar to wat u looking for but easy way. Raymundo rodriguez. Amazon ebook.