Anyone ever have this happen to a target?

So I placed a curse on someone a little over a month ago and a few days later she found out her mom was dying then soon after revealed to me that her marriage is in trouble.
Other than that her life is going well as far as her career.
The curse I placed involved spirits associated with death and that is the outcome I desire.

Anyway this morning at work she told me on her way to work this morning (we start work at 4:30 so it’s still dark out) that she saw something in the middle of the road.
It turned out to be a grey owl.
She was freaked out by the incident because she said the owl seemed to be staring right at her and wouldn’t move from her path even when she got close.

She said after awhile it finally flew of but the whole incident creeped her out.
She has it in her head that it was some kind of sign like an I’ll omen.

Anyone had this happen to a target before?
Like I said spirit work was involved so could this have sometjing to for with it in your guy’s opinion?


P.S: Also,I was the only one she told about this but later in the day during some down time I was like hey tell everyone what you saw this morning.So she told our boss and other coworkers overheard it.
I had another co-worker come to me and tell me she was talking about it with some other employees in private and they all said something along the lines of “Hopefully this means she’ll die in a car wreck on her way to work or something” (Yes this person is hated with passion by most people at work)

Definently felt like a sign to me that the curse is running it’s course.

They seem like good signs to me, especially her opening up to you about the owl - people trying to buddy-up is a recognised phenomena, that or they’ll try to skedaddle right out of your life. Anything to try and defuse the curse, in other words.

I had similar experiences. After I’ve done a ritual, my target received 3 voice messages from my phone around 3 in the morning all of them around 3 minutes long (with silence in them). Funny thing is that I was sleeping at that time since I had to wake up at 5.30. Next day, the victim just randomly started talking to me about supernatural stuff and told me that his gf saw some shadow in the apartment and then some light bulb exploded. I have never been close to this person and I never had non work related conversations with him.