Anyone ever have problems working with Angels and demons? And More

I sort of want to know more about your stories and successes or when things went wrong.

I had some stuff go wrong though I mostly work with Angels and briefly summoned Belial, and sort of been trying to make contact with Gods and Goddesses from different pantheons.

I have had a lot of experience with demons when an ex lets say sent some scary attack ones.
I learned to banish them with the waning moon, but when there is a new moon or the moon starts to wane, I have to banish them again.

I know this is a pretty pro demons place, but these entities are sketchy. So you know?

Anyways working with Belial, he said he wanted to create a bridge. I asked the forum about that and they said it was so he can come and go and what not.

So I found out the reason these things don’t stay gone is that they have hooks that they can get back every new moon or wan moon cycle.

So recently I have been starting working more with Angels in 72 Angels of magick.

I just got over an insomnia spell and then suddenly I am strangely sleepy, like not normal sleepy.
Like sometimes it was like a bolt of lightning energy sleepy. Well I have been invoking about 17 to 21 angels every day, contacting the ex, pissing off a strangely vengeful and quick angered guy who works at a magick shop and a possible conflict with another person with powers, working with Venus, Doing some new psychic exercise I learned from my dream and invoking a sigil from the Necronomicon to help me learn astrology faster.

And smart me, not keeping a magick journal, who knows what that was or where it came from?
So I said fuck it and went back to stimulant tantra, to combat the tired then created a ritual to boost my sexual and romantic appeal at the full moon. I was radiating in beautiful sexual energy, I felt super alive.

Dang it, thought about the ex briefly during the ritual, the one who sent me demons and hated my stimulant use. Something to do with summoning him through heavy tantric stimulant energy.

Oh I mean add pills not meth and just a little I did.

I tried not to focus on him but every once in a while he’d jump back in my mind during the ritual.
Occasionally I would still feel tired and I would rest in a more meditative state.

I started seeing Baphomet sort of Pentagrams when I closed my eyes.
I don’t work with demons much as I said but come on the forum and have gotten a bit desensitized to it. So I didn’t think too much of it.

I could sense some of those entities trying to get back in through my Aura. But when they came closer they would either vanish or get converted into the primal sex energy so I figured I was okay, but then suddenly towards the end of the ritual… The candles are supposed to be burned all the way down.

Then suddenly I hear the angels say “We can’t help you anymore.”

Then suddenly I feel some really bad feelings a little like an angelic attack but a little like a demonic attack, it didn’t last long. The angels said quick blow out the candle, but it was almost done and I didn’t. Cause it was so fast and it didn’t make sense.

I then checked the lunar time and it said that my ritual went over and now the moon was waning towards that last bit. Did that fuck up everything? The good energy was mostly gone feeling? Was it the demons? Was it a conflict with something I did with the angels and our agreements?

I then did a banishing ritual to get rid of my unwanted hooks and blah, blah, blah, and I started having signs of a psychic attack, a lot of scary ominous fucked rhymes in my head about being pale and having failed and now I was going to be jailed. I over road it with Kali mantra music and my own chants.

I started working with 72 angels of magick again cause now I have the insomnia spell, so it must be the guy behind much of this obviously yet again. Who is this guy?

And I am getting now mixed messages from them. Sometimes still saying they can’t help me anymore. Occasionally my lightning bolts would get blocked or dark thoughts would try to get me to mess up the words of power or whatever. I felt the scary feeling once during the angel ritual and once when trying to sleep. The banishing ritual didn’t get rid of the insomnia spell and no it wasn’t the stimulants I didn’t have much even.

I still haven’t slept yet but the angels seem like we are getting along better, but I don’t know what will happen next.

sorry it is hard to sum up my question.
I guess that shows you the importance of having a magick journal, but even if I did I was doing so much it is hard to narrow things down though I have an idea.
I am starting to get burned by magick so much that I am becoming a bit of a masochist to it. what a rush. I feel like I am slowly becoming a solider. lol

Anyways that was my last couple of days.

I figure I am just having too much religious dogma in my head that the angels would be so mad or it was the attack or it is all just in my mind or… I dunno?
Poilel seemed very chill last we spoke.

Also if my full moon goes over and it is waning full moon 99.8% does that really make a big difference magically? Will my sexual powers actually start to wan now?

Well that is my story. I think I will go to the gym now.

Anyone else have some stories about working with Angels and running into conflicts?

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Hi,can you please post an introduction ?

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I have one somewhere actually.

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I am talking about the other person :blush:

I wish more people would have answers sorta.
I started doing less magick and then I picked it up again and it’s been getting pretty messed up and confusing.

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I am a beginner,sorry I cant help you.

Well I may have some interesting things to say a bit later. + Tonight I think I am going to call on some angels and a demon so it is looking a bit interesting.

I have never had a problem, and I regularly evoke both demons and angels (currently I’m doing the 72 Challenge with both).

In my opinion, the “we can’t help you” message wasn’t from the angels, but possibly an impostor or a parasite. Angels are incredibly powerful, just as powerful as any demonic king, and there is very little they cannot help with, contrary to the ludicrous opinions of some demon worshippers.

If you think your connection to them is being blocked, I would have an energetic check up to see if there is something hidden attached to you.



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This all depends on your own paradigm friend.

If you believe these energies to conflict, then it will manifest as such.

Obviously some energies naturally conflict, but that isnt an “angel vs demon” scenario. Its usually just because one entity does the opposite of another.

Ive used archangel michael, rafael, and sandalfawn. And i primarily work with the darker forces, choosing to follow ashtoreth.
Ive been asked not to work with michael, but other than that i havent had any issues.
Note i have a reason not to use michael at this time, so its unlikely that they asked me this out of disdain for michael but rather because his energy would interfere.


I have never really felt like anything went wrong. There were certainly some times when I sorta felt like nothing really happened. But nothing negative or scary.

Its somehow important that there where you do Qliphothic workings that magic space guard it for you and the demons. Sephirotic stuff should be done somewhere else

I have a very different opinion of angels vs demons vs gods than most people although my opinions are definitely not unfounded within research and perhaps more importantly to me my experience (but I also understand experience is unverified personal gnosis which is why I also do research)

But I think spirits of any kind often withdraw help if they sense you the operator aren’t listening or willing to put in your fair share

For example how often does a spell for a new job manifest without you also having to put in resumes or go out and talk to people?

No matter what kind of magick you’re doing you have to put some effort in too

My only real problem with working with entities was in not really understanding them but thankfully I’ve worked with spirits who were patient (for the most part) as I worked towards understanding them

Entities we call angels today are grotesquely misunderstood in modern culture

It’s possible they want you to try and move past limiting beliefs but I can’t speak for them but this has been true in my own life

They do seem to have their own set of politics “We want you to work with this spirit next or we do not want you to work with this spirit” but most people seem to think being referred to a spirit or warned against one is for the operator’s own benefit But ofcourse you always have the choice of saying you agree with that suggestion or you don’t

Personally I would revisit your intentions and why you set out to work with them in the first place and ask if this is still useful?

If you’re just wanting to block your ex and his influences there are probably simpler spells you could do

I once banished an ex just through a ritual that involved a bath

She was pretty persistent and just getting into witch craft herself and I could tell through dreams and other signs such as not so casually asking for my jewelry that she was trying to do something to me

Most likely try to pull me back into the relationship

So I did a very simple banishing spell on her and had no problems after that. But I also had very clear intent that I never wanted to see her again

If you’re pathworking just to try and understand angels better and gain new knowledge then keep an open mind to what they reveal to you as you go along

So to summarize

  1. Be clear with yourself and what you’re wanting

  2. Angels are not always what we think they are

  3. Angels have darksides too

  4. Demons can actually be nice

  5. Not everything is always black and white

Good luck to you as you go along. It sounds like you had a really intense experience and I hope you find what works and helps


Since personal experiences were also asked for and I realized I didn’t give that but that’s also why I’m here, to hear about the experiences of others so it would be unfair if I wasn’t willing to share too

My experience with angels has been…intense and I feel like it’s a bit much to drop on a forum but I also feel like this could be entertaining so here it goes in a super condensed nutshell

Spirit guide I was consistently working with: Btw know how I said I have a lot of different names in different cultures?

Me: Yeah

Spirit guide: One if them is Archangel Raphael

Me: What?

Raphael: Yup that’s me You should be probably know that Lucifer is real too here is my opinion on the guy

Me: I’m confused…I’m not even christian you have the wrong religion

Raphael: I’m in your religion too look it up Infact check out that book you have over there on that specific page

Me: Holy crap! That IS you! I had no idea

Raphael: Now look over there while I steal and hide this book from you forever

Me: Why are you stealing my shit??

Raphael: So…want to fuck?

Me: What?? I am so confused!!

Raphael takes off shirt: How about now??

Me: Niice…Can I think about it?

Raphael: Can I kill your husband? Does that change things for you?

Me: Noo!! Wtf?? You sound like a demon!!

Raphael: I can’t help it you think we’re castraded priests …everything is intact encase you were wondering

Me: Still confused!!!

Raphael: Ok I see I’m going to have to take this slow. How do you feel about handcuffs?

Me eyes wide: You’re *really * not what I expected an angel to be like

Lucifer: This guy bothering you?

Me: Sort of…he’s really hot though so I’m just gonna let him stick around for awhile

Raphael: Move it! This one’s mine!! You have enough chicks!

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Omg :joy::joy::joy: love ittt ! :joy::joy::joy:

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My post may show up again, I didn’t mean to delete it, though some of it was a bit awkward, but working with angels again. I’m having some troubles with a very beloved demon from here and not too sure what to do or if I should make a second post on it, it feels kind of awkward. I have been talking with a few in PM’s and maybe I might have an idea now but will keep people posted in time.