Anyone Ever Been to an Exorcism?

I was thinking today, so many people try to evoke a demon. Why not just find an exorcist and go to an exorcism? You could talk to the demon then and get legitimate questions and answers. I understand it’s probably not like Hollywood makes it out to be, but would be a neat experience.

Most of these people probably have mental problems or some health related issues, but what if they didn’t. I would totally be like, “WHAT’S UP LUCIFER!!” Or whatever was in there. Jokes aside, it takes a lot of presuppositions to practice magic.

Lately I’ve been considering, “what if’s”. For example what if I die and find out oh crap, I messed up. I could have been working with these entities all along. So many unanswered questions. I would love to learn to evoke Lucifer and ask him a million questions, but I’m sure I’ll have eternity for that.

I’m still waiting for that definitive moment in my life where I make a decision 100% that yes demons / spirits exist and are real. I’m not just sitting here though. I’m chasing the truth. Confirmation bias is a bitch, so I’m trying to keep an open mind. Going to an exorcism seems like a shortcut, and I wouldn’t want to be seen with “The bad guy” (priest), but I want the truth.

Is it all in my head, does something exists outside of my realm of perception that I can bring into this reality. Crazy or not, I’m going to keep trying to connect with something outside of myself.

Thoughts, concerns, ideas? Thanks for your time.

1, Exorcisms are not performed very often by the Church anymore. They only do so now very rarely and only after careful medical evaluation.

2, Exorcisms are not spectator sports, and rarely, if ever, are observers allowed that are not either family or medical professionals.

3, I very much doubt a demon would be up to chatting when engaged in spiritual warfare with forces trying to remove them from their vessel.


True. That makes sense. What a day for all involved though right? Wild stuff.

I know of priests in Manila, philippines that perform the roman rite of excorcism regularly. In this country the need for it has gone up significantly in the last few years. In fact each diocese is supposed to have thier own priest qualified to do exorcism now.

Yes the process usually makes a person puke or shit themselves as a whats inside is being forced out. Not a pretty situation.

That reminds me to say that I see alot of real foolish shit people say here about demons and wanting possessed, and spiritual practices with little regard to safety and sanity. People please treat the spirits with great respect. It’s not a party game or gag, it’s real.

I’ve done 5 exorcisms, and 1 that I was unable to complete. If you want verification of existence, there are easier ways than trying to find a possessed person. Not to mention that possessions arent 100% demonic, sometimes its parasites or shades. Conversating mid-exorcism is a quick way for the enemy to hop over to you instead of the remaining in the afflicted who’s under the spiritual assault.

The only ways I know to prove supernatural existance, is establishing contact with an entity capable and willing to make something happen, ie open a door, make an object appear or disappear; or by engaging hostile spirits in other homes. Usually they’ll start off moving something to spook you, because itll either throw you off or they feed off it, or both.

If you simply want worldly gain from the practice, I recommend against pursuing it at all. It’s a lot easier to just get what you want without messing with things you cant physically interact with. If the occult itself isnt interesting enough to do research on, I recommend against it. But shit, who am I to tell you what to do? If you really want it, and want the proof, go out and get it my dude.

I’ve had a couple exorcisms done on me

How did you notice that something was wrong with you and that you needed an exorcism?

I would love to go to a ‘real’ exorcism. Then I can invite the Demon to jump into me and ride me. ““Playing with fire boy””!!! True.

Lol that sounds retarded bro :joy:

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