Anyone else use Napoleon's Book Of Fate oracle?

The subject line’s pretty much the whole of the question… you can view the answers it gives you here, and the method shown on that page, where you draw 5 lines of slashes (without counting them) across a page, then count them: odd numbers are one dot (or star), even numbers are two, gives you the pattern, which in the book gives you a table that leads to the answer, on the web page you just click the Q and then the pattern that you got.

So far it’s been an extremely useful tool, I was literally led to this old ducty bookshop by the british Museum by Hathor herself, and found my copy just sitting there waiting, so 'tis cool in my estimation!

I primarily use stichomancy, tarot and runes online.
I use the sites (usually doing a reading on my chakra’s with cards and figuring out how to adjust them.)

I’ve gotten great results from using online divination resources. it takes a while to attune yourself to doing divination this way, but once your in the groove of things the results you get tend to be spot on. you can even have a conversation with an entity using stichomancy without having to do a full blown ritual. great for evocations when trying to get information.