Anyone else sleep a lot less

I find myself staying up all night more often than not since I started practicing magick and I was never too much of a night owl. Even after doing this I still have the energy of having slept (maybe not a full night).

Is it a result of these demonic energies raising my vibration? or is that a stretch? I’m just curious if anyone can relate or has an opinion.


This happens to me these days.Even if I sleep its less than what its used to be.

I think our bodies will adjust themselves to enrgy though.Then we can go back to same routine :+1:


The ”demonic energy“ seems to be turning me into an early bird, which is funny bc I‘ve been a night owl all my life. :woman_shrugging:t2: I also require less sleep and don’t feel sleep-deprived like I used to.


Same here. I don’t feel as exhausted as I used to feel when pulling an all nighter or sleeping for 3-4 hours.
Interestingly enough, my partner, who ALWAYS struggled with falling asleep sleeps like a log in mere minutes since I started with evocations in our bedroom :smiley:



Yes same here. I often wake up between 3-4 Am and i feel alert and no fatigue


Same here. I usually wake up around midnight, I hate sunlight and heat physically hurts my body, so it’s the opposite for me lately. Instead of my normal time I wake up around afternoon and hide until sunset like a bat lol. To fix that I stay awake much longer and sleep less. Few hours.

Spiritual work definitely affects sleeping, especially when it’s intense and lasts for long periods of time several days a week, or everyday like me.


I don’t feel as crazy then because sometimes after a ritual I am wired for the whole rest of the night

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I think if you perform your rituals once or twice a week you’ll have time to get back to your normal sleeping schedule. Banishing of any remaining energies and cleansing then meditation, may also help to bring your body back to balance.

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I’ve had really bad insomnia since I was a kid. It’s gotten to a point where I need medication to even fall asleep. I’m not entirely sure if it’s caused by the physical or the metaphysical though.

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3-4 hours a night usually. Been doing that for like 2 years. Ill get a 6 hour night here and there if im really exhausted, not often tho.

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