Anyone else grow up in a Christian household?

Hello everyone!

I was wondering if anyone, now experienced at working with demons, grew up in a christian upbringing? I hate how the church pretty much forced people to fear demons and whatnot. I’d love to be able to start working and communicating with some of them, in my belief they are misunderstood beings. I look forward to chatting with some of you!


Yes, I’m kinda of this. Never had an experience working with a demon, besides I want to do, I’m currently working with Exu (that here in Brasil evangelic church treat him like Lucifer and the Devil) I already have some connection with Paimon too, but I think I have passed a long period of time without talking and trying my spiritual abilities along with him.


Yes. My parents were in a Christian cult, but escaped. They are still religious though. They are very good at ignoring reality, so I do my thing . . .


Yes and i still am



I grew up in a very overzealous Christian household. I thought good people went to heaven with the angels, sinners went to hell where there was fire and brimstone. We weren’t allowed to play cards because they were the devil’s game, as well as a host of other beliefs.

I feel like I was brainwashed.

I don’t believe that anymore of course. I call on angels and demons with no shame and am in my own lane.


Unfortunately yes. I have always questioned religion since I was a kid and have been forced into the church when I was born by my parents like many others. It went from “Why is this so boring” to “Is this even real?” immediately.
Being forced into getting baptized is very uncomfortable. Any time a random stranger selfishly needs to push their religion onto me (this isn’t someone saying i’ll pray for you or wishing you well. it’s very easy to dismiss and change the topic after saying thanks) like going up to you or your home to spread their propaganda or a stranger coming up asking for a prayer session, I just tell them that I’m not interested in Christian mythology. Using the word mythology makes them mad enough to leave or mad enough to cause a scene… But sometime the scene is entertaining.


My family is Lutheran Christian (not sure what that means though) and honestly it doesn’t bug me at all. I still partake in my family dinner prayer just because I know it’s important to them and the prayer itself doesn’t affect me in any way - since I don’t let it. Just see it as words of thanks, I ignore the god bit of it lol.

Demons were never directly mentioned when I went to church or stuff, always just about God or Jesus. I stopped going to church when I was a teen because I would skip it and the family gave up on trying to make me. I don’t have sour feelings, it’s just not for me.

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Yes, I grew up in a Christian household. Roman Catholic to be exact.

That, however, did not stop me at the age of 18 from moving to Satanism [LaVey at the time, I am a Theistic Satanist these days as LaVey teaches no god, no Devil, no Hell, no heaven] and enjoying the rewards it brought in not only self confidence at the time, but the many financial and other life successes I enjoyed from being more independent.

Yes, Christianity DOES teach you (incorrectly) to fear and move away from the demons… but then they proudly teach about King Solomon while leaving out HOW he was successful. Go figure… a den of snakes lying about something.

Good luck!


I grew up Roman Catholic, and felt them feeding on me as a child. I was literally doing psychic self defense as a 6 year old, and didn’t even realize it until later.

I eventually put up purple shields to block all the negative energy. I probably learned this from cartoons!

Some cartoonists and others in entertainment, such as Alan Moore, actually are occultists, so we maybe they were teaching us kids some lessons. Thank goodness, too, because it was very necessary. I’d be so drained at church I’d pass out.

I literally feel, at least at the church I attended, that we parishioners were some kind of sacrifice.

Awful, awful place.

I do not harbor such negative feelings against Christ himself or All That Is. I do not care about any “gods” besides All That Is. Pretender gods and mighty egregores can suck it.

However, the divinity in everyone… the divinity you can literally SEE during the psychedelic experience, that is just fine by me. God as a divine substance more than one entity, or a handful of entities.

I won’t claim to know “the truth”, but I think the idea that we are all divine, and must learn to act as fellow gods and cocreators, is a lot closer to reality.

Jesus also seems like a cool dude. I used to view him as a Boy Scout growing up, collecting badges. I suspect the Catholic Church hides it’s true intent behind this cuddly, hippy mascot.

I certainly love what Neville Goddard makes of the Bible… but maybe Neville Goddard is just so cool he could’ve done the same with any book. Maybe he would’ve made equally great material out of The Hitchhiker’s Guide or a Cat in the Hat book. Who knows lol!


Oh, I want to add, though, that what the Catholic Church gave me is great suspicion not so much of the entities they call evil… but moreso whatever THEY secretly worship.

Whatever they are truly worshipping behind the scenes, I don’t want to touch with a planet wide pole.

That’s why I do so much research before contacting any entities. I feel like I’m in HR sometimes, scanning their resumes, checking their references, stalking the entity’s social media, doing background searches lol


Yeah, I grew in one too, I we went to church at least twice a week and I lived like that until about 7 or 8 years ago when I really learned about Christianity and the church!! And I have never felt the desire to go back to lies!! So, what to do mean working with demons?? I have encountered some demons and they are nothing like what the church told me!!

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