Anyone else gonna watch the meteor shower?

Hopefully, I will I’m planning to drive down to the river and watch it.


Oh sweet! I hope it’s warm, we’ll roast hotdogs and stare up.

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I’m pretty excited I usually have to work and miss stuff like this :blush:


I usually try to catch this shower. It’s gonna be nice.

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Hopefully my flight lands before this and the sky is clear because I always seem to miss stuff like this smh


If sky will be clean - for sure … propably it will end with me sleeping outside even :slight_smile:

I fucking wanted to along with hulk comet but I got fucking exiled from my oregon home by a crazy fuck father who says he’s the bee king (rather hornet wasp king).

God damnit! I was so stoked on it. Now I’m across the continent where the sky looks like shit.


Aside… the North west really only missed the blood moon eclipse but man every night so many planets to view. That was pretty awesome.

Oregon has best clouds imho. Yeah my bias on that but BOOM! Da best.

We are supposed to get the best view Sunday night


Oooooooooooh. I don’t know if I will watch it or not

We watched Sunday night and I saw three shooting stars. But action was real slow.

Still, I’m surprised at the people who weren’t watching this. That’s a whole lotta missed wishes, guys. People should get out more.

It’s been cloudy where I am.

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Gahhhhhhhh!!! Don’t remind me. I tell you… get to the desert for a show. I’d choose eastern Oregon myself. No city lights and damn a lotta sky. Even on normal nights you’ll probably see plenty of meteors.

I saw three beautiful and close Ones and then at the peak it was too cloudy to see the rest. But the ones I did get to see were amazing :stars:

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