Anyone complete ‘Success Magick’ by Brand?

Now that the book has been out a year, and it’s possible to have done a ritual a week since. Share your results if you’ve gone through the year journey.

Also check the search function, @DarkestKnight and I have both mentioned it a few times :slight_smile:


I did. Most of the posts I found didn’t go past more than 1/3rd of the rituals. So, I really wanted to make a new post now that it’s possible to have completed the book per it’s suggested tempo.

It’s a book I was unable to finish because the emotions around week 8-10 were so intense.


It’s not about finishing the ritual as a task. It can take longer to get things rolling. There’s no time factor. Many of the concepts are life long. It’s not a checklist.

some things will manifest as one life their life that can be years or decades down the line. it’s an ongoing thing.

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So nothing life changing, you’ll be able to discern-ate from the enochian magick and any other indirect magick you’ve cast for long term goals. Gotcha.

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I quite after the few working (9th week) was just not connecting with the energies , maybe wasn’t ready ! There’s an fb group with people doing this one you can join and read their stories !


That’s my one regret over no longer being on Facebook… the groups.

You can always open one just to follow occult pages! Most accounts on the occult pages are usually like that , no real names or pics just like in here , that’s why everyone shared experiences openly without fears :blush:

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That book will come to you at the right time when you are ready for it. Is very powerful!!!


I’m on Ritual 39 of 49. I’ll attempt to post some notes when it’s successfully completed.


48th week - 1 to go!


I’m on Ritual 36 so at least 3 months to go…



Today, I completed Success Magick. It was the longest set of rituals I have ever performed, and it will always hold a special place in my heart. I feel a mixture of ecstasy and confusion. Ecstasy, because it is a hell of an achievement. Confusion, because I cannot say exactly how it has aided myself. I am not doubting the magick, I am being transparent - exaggerating my achievements isn’t something I care for.

I can say that I’ve had an improvement to all my other magick, primarily with King Belial, King Paimon and Lilith and the three sisters.

I can say that I feel an “itch”, which my intuition translates as these sets of rituals are just beginning to warm up.

I’ve also had these strange impressions and visions (as I wrote that, my voice said outloud “share them”. Which didn’t feel super voluntary).
These unique impressions revolve around this: within me, I see three spinning vortex-type spheres. They are three variations of the same something (I do not yet have a great word for this).

The common thread of these spheres is the Lake of Fire and the Sea of Glass. These spheres have two densities, of which the Lake of Fire is always the core. The Sea of Glass seems to surround the Lake of Fire. So, we have a sphere that has materials of two varying densities. These spheres are living, they are not static, and they do not have definite boundaries. The denser Lake of Fire seems to meld into the Sea of Glass. The Sea of Glass seems to have the same impression that one gets when in a pool, and observing the refraction of the water.

I also received a hint that any emotion can be used as fuel, to charge up these spheres.

To clarify, there is only the Lake of Fire surrounded by the Sea of Glass. This is as a living sphere. When I said I saw three of them within me, the three spheres are like different stages of the same something
(This reminds me, a few months ago Belial told me to “Find the Lake of Fire in the Sea of Glass”. At that time, my intuition told me to invert the two terms).

I may edit this in the future, as it can use some refinement. I don’t know what it means, I think it is something I have to choose to experience.