Anybody willing to give me a reading?

I don’t want anybody to feel taken advantage of by the following request. So just tell me to go fuck off if need be, ha.

But if anybody is willing to give me a reading, I’d be grateful. I will let you be the judge on how best to address the question in the reading.

My goal in the short and intermediate term in life is to make a living doing something that pays me well enough to save $800-1000 per month after expenses and taxes (that is realistic, I’ve had a job in the past in which I was able to save that much because I’m frugal). But almost as important is the fact that I want to do something that I truly enjoy and that allows me to have freedom over my day. I believe that I would be most happy if I were to make things with my hands (like furniture, occult items, etc. NOT home construction and such…too many fucktard liberals running things and they require licenses and inspections for that type of thing). I would like my name and reputation in that “artsy” field to spread so that people are coming to me for items that they want me to make.

I have attempted to do evocations for Bune and Paimon for this. Because I have a tendency to be overzealous, I may have falsely thought that I made contact.

So I guess my request from someone on this forum is this: Can you do a reading in which: 1) You can tell me what I need to do move in my career direction. 2) What I am missing to pull off a successful evocation.

It may be that there are too many things going on for just one reading to help. So maybe someone can help me with a better way to structure the question for the reading that I am hoping you can do for me.


You still have too much doubt in the back of your mind, that is why you are failing at this. And no, you did not evoke Paimon. Me and a few other members can confirm this. As for Bune I have not asked her. You can’t have too much doubt or you will fail and you can’t have too much eagerness when someone tries to help you stop beign doubtful because your mind will betray you. It’s a tricky science actually, getting right in the middle of that JUST RIGHT place for magick.

I have went out of my way to try to help you jboy over the last few months, and you know I have because I like to see people succeed but you are going in one extreme or the other. Either too doubtful, or too overly eager. Find balance.

Ok, thank you. I will try again. I really appreciate your help. And please don’t give up on me. I will make it.

Ayyy man…! Listen, for the past few months I’ve been getting Goetic spirits to come over in both dreams and the waking world (more on that) to tell me to convey a message to this or that person.

Most are close friends I know well. Why is this important? Because let me explain: The more details I have in mind, the more shit happens when I am unattentive and I get “inspiration”.

Not in the sense of “I think this is a great idea”, in the sense of “this is what I got to say, and the spirit involved was this one”. The method of how I got to become a message box for spirits is:

  1. Know about my friends and their plight. Since this is YOUR case, yourself knows best how things are for you now.

  2. Go to any website or open any book with the seals of the Goetic spirits, or any of your liking.

  3. Flip through, sometimes you DO get this pull that you should check this or that name. Most of the time you will run into “duds”, where I dunno, as an example:

  • You wanna find work.

  • But the first three spirits you feel pulled towards are ALL spirits dealing with murder, or maybe music, subjects that are kinda distanced from your request.

Usually you will feel tired and wish not to give up, then you’ll probably feel frustratred and search on the internet the specific spirit according to your need, might run up to their seal and feel “nah, I don’t trust this guy”, then feel trapped with Paimon not doing his job…

… but this IS part of the process. Maybe Paimon does not wanna help out of the need to direct you to do your own job… Belial is like that with me, he said many times I do not wish to be helped due to my own pride, but when I had a legal problem, he ran to destroy the opposition with the same obedience as a lowly James Bond movie henchman would. Necessity and seriousness got me the result, not doubt. I know, it’s hard, but dun worry, you’ll get it right.

NOW, I DID get some suggestions regarding your situation: “Chaim-Aim”, dunno who he might be from the 72, does not mean he has to be, just vibrate the name and you’ll probably see in no time who he is.

He said you should focus on walking sticks and shillelaighs. Gentlemanly items but for an affordable price, 50 to 192 bucks max. Get working and you’ll progress down the path in the sense you’ll get more ideas either by this spirit or by your own.

Also said fine furniture as mirrors, boxes, smoking accroutements… Take a look on prefab houses and such.

Please let me know if this helped you in any way. They also say something of jewellery with a reddish semi-precious stone in it. Does it ring any bell?

All of those are GREAT ideas!! Thanks!!