Anybody know any vamping techniques?

I’m wanting to become serious on the vamlyre path.Can anybody with experience tell me some good beginners techniques besides the famous tentacle and breathinging I someone’s aura?

Also,what are some good entities to start with?

Thanks in advance!


I’m not so familiar with using vampire techniques, but I’m very familiar with “succubus” entities and Lilith as my patron goddess.

The entities of either “succubus” or “incubus” can have a tendency of feeding off energies, and they can be territorial and competitive towards nearby spirits, because ascended workings is one of their main “task” within the relationship with humans. If other spirits are around, it would halt the spiritual development. “Succubus” are infamous for the sexual aspect, but they sure have other capabilities and knowledges in several areas. In a sense, they are “multipurpose demons”.

When it comes to entities to start with, we have Lilith, Naamah, Agrat bat Mahlat and Eisheth Zenunim. Some of these Queens have a darker, vampyric behavior in there presence, like Lilith and Naamah. Their “offsprings”, daughters, is often dualistic and is both dark and light.

It looks like the new black magic course will have a whole section on this, it may be worth waiting the two months for it to come out.

There is a section in the O.A.A. course that goes through the basics of psychic vampirism.

I think it was Sevarn who mentioned somewhere that he likes to enter a TGS,and visualize that a crust is forming over his hand,morphing it into a draconic claw.This is Shapeshifting101.ANd that with each breath,the transformation is solidified.

Then,he would look at his victim and imagine them as this big fluffy thingy,this buzzing mass of energy,that’s been made solid as he breathes it.Then,he would swing his dragon hand(his left hand),and visualize that aura being poked,as a hole is made in it.

And that one by one,he could take down chunks of energy.

When feeding on someone who’s energy you really don’t want in you,you can filter the bad stuff out.As you pull it into yourself,visualize around yourself a filter,a giant sheet of energy that has these holes in it,through which energy could pass,but negativity is repelled.

Imagine this on your tendrils,or on your hand,if you’re feeding by these methods.

Also,I once remember using a method,where I would gaze at the person and see all the swirling energy around their aura,at which point I would envision it spinning around them.

It would spin,like a tornado,devouring their astral body.Then,as tornado would spread,it would begin to tear the person’s walls,and their defenses.And visualize that just increasing,and when you’re done with that,when you feel like you’ve torn the person right open,in slow and long inhalation,pull the resulting energy into yourself.

Those are some methods that come off the top of my head.

My advice is work on OBE and try to master this practice. The most powerfull form of Vampirism is done in this state. Everything else is child’s play. You can practice touch, sight all you want, but it accomplishes next to nothing in comparison.

OBE/Dream Vampirism is the real deal.

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