Anybody have experience with rufus opus books? Modern angelic grimoire

Anybody read his books.

I am reading Modern angelic grimoire.

I am fustrated with knowing the right type of tools required.

I need a wand and a crystal ball.

I don’t know which ones will be appropriate.

Would something like this work for a crystal ball? It says its artificial crystal?

As for the wand. I don’t know where to get a cheap ebony wand for under £10

I read that book but not interested in skrying or drawing a spirit into a crystal. I like Rufus, but prefer simple invocations.
The good news is you can alter the ceremony and make your own wand from a wood branch, just empower it with a simple ritual and maybe some oil, water or ash from burnt sigil. You can carve words or symbols on it too.You dont need a crystal ball, you can use a bowl or glass of water. That will work, as has been proven.
Best of luck to you. Peace…

The artificial crystal ball works fine. For my first time with R.O.'s angelic grimoire, I used my index finger as the wand, worked just fine.

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I have read the book, but have not worked from it.

Been tempted to do his Seven Spheres though…

Oddly I actually read it, crafted most of what I needed to get going last summer, and for whatever reason the timing didn’t feel right and so I put it on standby (have a portfolio with the table-top mat, the seals, just a wand to carve yet).

The interesting thing about Seven Spheres is it doesn’t seem like it requires a lot, either of crafting or of massive daily dedication. It’ll be interesting to see if the time does actually become right (praying with the Olympic Spirits somewhat which may help) and if so what kicks it in.

As far as the OP’s question on Rufus though - my first impression of him was from Glitch Bottle and well… he seems like a pretty straight-laced and stand-up guy. Kinda reminds me of what I’d expect Michael Silberstein to be like if he went mage.