Anybody good with Tarot here? i need one or 2 questions answered if possible

is anyone good up for offering me a reading? I could use some help, but its also ok if no takers :slight_smile:


Theres several of us that do tarot. I have 5 decks right now and more coming. 3 are Oracle and 2 consisting of the main cards with slight variation.

Depending on what you want to know I might be able to help. I havenโ€™t opened any tarot read threads recent so Iโ€™m caught up.

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hi :slight_smile: id be fine with just a general tarot past present future, using normal 72 card deck tarot, the best deck you have for you :slight_smile:

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Hit me up in a PM with your questions then I can connect to my cards see which is better suited. :blush: