Anybody ever evoke God EL?

anybody ever evoke God El?
He is Creator God in Mesopotamian religion and judaism adopt it venerated him and assimilated with Yahweh
is He same god as Yahweh or diferent?
or Yahweh is another aspect of Him?
if yes
what method you evoke him?
is He trully so powerfull
is He just “name of power”

and how about His titles/nicknames
shaddai, Eloah, Elyon, sabbaoth?


The god you reference is a collective history of philosophical ascension. You capitalize the pronoun like someone who knows a bit of that story.

Basically, the various cultures of the ancient world kept fighting and arguing over witch god had created the universe. Over time, their collective concept of the universe and its creator evolved. Eventually, people just started capitalizing the ‘G’ and calling it God.

The problem with that concept is the absolutely mind boggling hugeness of the universe and the endless sea of concepts that God represents.
That god is described by Aristotle as “infinite actuality with zero potentiality”.

Evocation requires at least a little bit of potentiality, so it’s best aimed at a god who represents a slightly smaller slice of infinity.


El is not Yahweh.

Yahweh is the son of El, if I recall correctly.


I did.
Was one of the stupidest things i ever did.

El, is actually a multitude of Beings, as far as i understood it.
It gave me the official Medical note of being Shizophranic.
It also lead me into working with chorozon.
When you hear a bee-hive, a voice which consist’s of many voices, like a chorus,
talking to you in a we-mentality - that’s not funny at all.
It felt similar to Star-Trek "We are the Borg - You’ll be assimilated - Resistance is useless"
It messed with my Astral Bodys quite heavily.

El is also a Energy which is on the Other End of the spectrum as E.A.
Without EA’s Help, i wouldn’t have recovered from it.

To be specific, i’m still not sure wether i recover completely.





El is a creator in Cannanite religion. Just to clarify! :slight_smile:

As for Yahwah he would have been grand child or great grand child of El as he was a 4th generation god originally.


he is looked like what? old man with muscles body? LOL
what do you learn from him?

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Might not be the best outcome, but I was thinking about Jesus/Iusis/Yeshua … But maybe maybe not.

So here is what popped up regarding the mesopotamian creator, Ea/enki

If you wanna explore some info regarding this pantheon this may be able to point you in the right direction.

Get To Know A Deity:


From my observations and experience, it’s more the case that this being, which began as the Aten (a stolen title of Ra, the Egyptian god of the Sun who was himself one of many among a pantheon) issued edicts to first prohibit the worship of any other being, and also criminalise and then delegitimise magick so no-one could check in or get outside guidance and wisdom, and then later changed tactics, psychotically claiming to be “the only god” to exist.

Whereas we are of a part of, and non-differentiated from, the All which is the creator and the creation, so to speak.

We can access the All within - our own literal godhead - by various means, for example yoga (the spiritual aspect, not the asanas alone) gives us one route, and there are other methods that require less sacrifice of identity and desire.


i view yahweh as the fool/fake aspect of el created by…J

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