Anybody else?

Has anybody else had sucess invoking / communicating with Demons via Enn meditations?

I listened to the Enns on Satan and Sons (I didn’t chant myself) and each time I received messages from the Spirit I was meditating on and even saw them in my mind. These were even more powerful than the few invocations I’ve tried.

So does anybody else have more sucess in working with Spirits through online/ guided mediations and is it a good idea to continue doing so?


do what is comfortable for you i listen to skyrim music wen i call them


I love their meditation enns! They help me alot when connecting to demons! It helps you vibrate at the same frequency because your mind is actually chanting internally!



Nope. I find it distracting. It’s easier for me when there’s no noise.

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I always chant the demon’s enn for at least one mala before evocation.


Enns? Never touch the stuff :joy:


I used to listen to enns while I fell asleep. I wondered if it would invite them into my dreamscape but it never did.
So I just started chanting the enn myself. I noticed that each time I inadvertently initiated an “invocation” though I meant it to me an evocation. Id go into a trance state while chanting and when the spirit would manifest itself in my body it felt almost “sexual” but not quite. More like a BURST of energy through my root chakra and up to my throat.
From then on my head begins to buzz and my ears ring in a high pitch. My mouth and body start to move themselves and the chanting starts to sound… not like my voice.
When the spirit fully manifests itself inside the chanting stops.


I can evoke fine without them, but the enns seem to bring them quicker. I can call with just enns as well since I can visualize the enn clearly.


Some say there is no deciphering of the enns and I think there was a thread that linked to a meaning of them.

Much like seals/sigils (the placement of the designs structure) is like to believe there’s a logical contextual meaning to enn / sigil.

I don’t think they are constellations…

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