Any tips/help on remembering past lives?

So, I think remembering your past lives can help you heal more in this life, understand more your present self and maybe your mission too, so I’ve done some research but I’d like you guys tell me your tips if your have experience or know something thank you have a great day/night


Yeah that is awesome and yeah it is needed a lot of energy work on the solar plexus chakra to achieve that. Just visualise it and with the hands do it larger and smaller, play with it. Than start with spinning. Use mantras too if you wish.

By spinning remember the first spinning if counter clockwise or not cause at the end of the session the last spinning should be the same direction as the natural one. Is very important!!! While spinning try to do it with the hands like very slowly than very quick andplay a little.

Energy work should be a happy, pleasent and playful experience. If you make it powerful enough will show you in time images of the past life.

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