Any threads on Folk Magick?

Can someone point me to a thread on folk magick and nature medicine? Like the authentic tribal, chew on tree bark and become infused with tree spirit, type post?

Not if none exist yet! :wink:

“Tribal” is a big catch-all word, as well - if you’re looking for something local to you that you can use as an entheogen, maybe a site like would be a good start - if you want to learn some core shamanism techniques, I can PM you some info on that, but it’s not related to the use of plant spirit helpers.

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I’m no master, but I may be able to provide some information. What is your enviornment, and what do you want to know?

Your easiest way to start is through making tea, and drinking it daily in a medatative/sacred manor. Trees like whistle/flute music, and such makes a good offering. Trees will speak to you, but you have to come to them on their level. In general, conifers are the sacred trees of cleansing and healing. Not just the body but the whole enviornment. Hemlocks (Tsugi canadensis) are perhaps the most sacred. They are the priest/prestisess of the forest, second are the White Cedar (Thuja ocsidentalis) and Furs, and then the pines, junipers, and spruces. Broad leaf trees are different. Some are about resilience (oaks, beeches), others are about wisdom and knowledg e (maples particularly), others are about youth, beauty, and flexibility (willow, aspen, alder, birch). Young trees are like children. Most will not speak, and if they do they tend to babble. Seek out the old ones for helpful communication.

Another good way to start, buy apples and/or cider and eat/drink some everyday. Be still and visualize the tree as you do this. Feel its body joining with and empowering yours. Listen for messages. Most of the time you’ll only feel yourself drawing near to the spirit of the tree, but sometimes they will speak. Try to find the most raw, wild, unadulterated apple or cider avalible. The more its been messed with the weaker and more useless it becomes.

You can also work with the spirits via smoke. Few trees are desirable to smoke internally with a few exceptions, but smudge stick or insence can be used to various good effects. To a great degree, the herbal properties of the tree will be the effects of the smoke as well, but there are some special aspects to some smoke, such as cedar and red willow bark.

If you have specific questions I will attempt to answer them.

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Hey I know this is very old, do you still do this? I just started researching about tree magic and spirits and want to learn more. I have birch and oak in my backyard.