Any thoughts on this, an old sketch?

I am in a bit of a rush today, but I eanted to put this out there. This is something I sketched when I was much younger. I will explain more latter. Just would like to know thoughts or if anyone has seen this before.

Honestly, what comes to mind when I see that? Samael and Lilith. Not sure why.

Realy? Interesting, I don’t know anything about ether of them realy. So if you would like to give a brief info dump on them feel free.

Also as I promised I will elaborate more on this. One of my hobbies has always been art. When ever I am sketching I fall into a “little world of my own” its always been that way with me. Some times I’ll just let go and let my hands and my mind do its own thing and this is the product of the first time I did that. Yes this is a reproduction of the original. I just have been never able to let it go, something inside me has always told me it’s important. So I thought I would share it and hopefully unlock some of its secrets.

It feels like a sigil, like the way Belial’s sigil has all those cross-shaped things, and then the one I channelled from Bael also has those, plus the trisula/trident.

Neat stuff, might have to open it at some point and see what answers the phone. :slight_smile:


Ok Might need to put up a little bit of a disclaimer here, (this makes me feel awkward) when it comes to demonds I know skwat, only alittle on angels. Call it a bad relationship with main stream religion, so I ran far. So Dragons have been my constant companions even when I did not know they where there. Old lore Myth I could ALMOST tell you anything about if it’s Dragon related. On to part two as far as circles, sigils, (even most ritual items) I have never realy had a need for useing them. As I stated in a different thred I have only worked with Dragons and with our bond being as srtong as it is all I have ever had to do is call them. Have I seen them?. No, not completely, but "fee"l them “god” yes!

So opening it Lady Eva, I wouldn’t have the first clue on how to go about that. EA is the first time I have ever come across the term Sigil. Dragconik script yes, Sigil new term for me.

I am so sorry if this complicates things. But I am willing to hear about these things. So please don’t feel that I am not willing to learn about new things (to me) and listen.

For if I am not willing to take in new things I will have failed as being an observer.

Oh soz, I was referring to this method - The 7 Steps For Using Spirit Sigils To Get Anything You Want.

It’s really good! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! This showing of understanding and willingness to work with me is extremely appreciated and I will do all I can to reciprocate this kindness.

Cool, try this too, from Stephen Flowers’ book Hermetic Magic?

It’s really good! :smiley:

Very interesting! :slight_smile:

Ok I read the link. I think I can do that and the Dragons I would think would be willing to help guide me though it.