Any spirit to give me straight teeth?

My teeth are out of place

I want a nice smile

I don’t wanna pay the dentist thousands and then wait 2 years for my teeth to be fixed

Does anyone know any spirit that can help to give instant or near instant results?

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You’d have to wait regardless. There’s no instant teeth straightening even with an entity’s help your physical body isn’t going to shift near instant either.

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You could try and manifest a large sum of money so you could go ahead and pay the fee for having your teeth straightened, in a quick process.


Instant changes to material things are difficult, I second the suggestion of trying to get this done through magicking up access to dental work.

I personally find money alone hard to manifest at short notice, but objects are easy, so if this were me I’d focus just on the result you want and not trying to get money as a middleman, but that IS just me, and not all magicians have this particular issue. :thinking:


i am a dentist and dont know any spirit to help about this , but if only one tooth is out of place , you could push daily in right direction to move it though , under a very limited circumestances its possible


You’ll get used to the idea :joy:
You should improvise your own method to smile :grin:

I had issues with the teeth since I’m little.

Bune, to help manifest extra money to see a dentist.


People sure have some fanciful ideas about what spirits can do lol

No spirit is going to be able to straighten your teeth.

Try evoking some dental insurance.


I can get the money thanks to my sugar mumma but I don’t want to wear braces for 2 years.

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WHAT IS A sugar mama

Female version of a sugar daddy

What is a sugar daddy

Google is your friend, start using it.

Then look up teeth straighteners that aren’t braces, because you won’t find a quick magickal way at all.


You’re telling me these spirits can kill people, destroy civilizations, Give you money, heal you but they can’t straighten your teeth?

All that you mentioned is forms of manifestation of events, you can ask a spirit to kill someone and they will manifest an event that leads to that person’s death, they aren’t doing the killing directly. Just as if you ask an entity for this idea it will just manifest a situation where you get the opportunity to do so.

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Sounds like he already manifested the events - his sugar mama offered to pay. He just doesn’t like what manifested.

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I just don’t wanna wait 2 years. Can a spirit at least make it quicker?

here you go, go nuts lol.

Been told my teeth won’t work this invisalign.

Yes they can make it quicker but not instant.

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