Any spells to get someone to open up more?

Who can I work with, what spells to do to get someone who is extremely guarded to loosen up and divulge more about themselves, be more relaxed and trusting.

Not exactly asking for bank account details or anything of the sort.


I would start with Belial, give you an aura of awe. Sitri can make people get naked in front of you, but that can also mean showing the bare truth

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According to Corwin Hargrove’s book Goetia Pathworking, Gusoin can “loosen the tongue, and make someone secretive become casual with their secrecy.”


Never heard of Gusoin, will check it out thanks!


Paimon can help you with that, I have tried evoking and petitioning him on matters similar to these and he has proved to influence any individual more easily during conversation.

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(Blood warning so dont read if you dislike blood or anything of the sort))

Not an entity but they can help. This is my own recipe so follow it and you will get what you want.

Get an egg from a black hen which was laid on a tuesday.

Poke a small hole in the top and prick your finger. Light a black candle and a white candle. Allow the blood to go into the hole on the egg shell. While doing this say:

"As my blood intrudes this egg, it gives birth. A birth of my desires. A birth of my will. By my power and my strength, my will shall be carried out. My will is this “(insert what you want in here)”.

Now put tape or dried candle wax over the hole and bury it by your nearest woods. When you do this you must say “Deus Auxilium Mihi”. (This means god help me. Now god doesnt mean the abrahamic god in this context it means the highest power. Whoever you view as the highest power will help your ritual)

Now as the egg disolves and rots away your will shall be taken into the earth and given time to prosper. I hope this works well for you.

Look into NLP, learn how to use verbal and non-verbal language patterns. So you’ll be able to pull the strings of people’s subconscious. You can choose to do a spell or you can learn a new skill that you can use whenever you need it.