Any Sigil that looks like Citroen’s logo?

I recently asked an entity to give me his sigil, I don’t really know if it’s the best way to know it, but I had flashes of a shape that looks a bit like the logo of Citroen, my vision was a bit a blurry, so maybe you guys can help me find the sigil?

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Just looking at any car symbols looks like a sigil. Coincidence? I think not.


Theres many interpretations for e.g put it on it’s side it looks like cuneform. or it looks like a sparrow or swallow which are types of birds.

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I’v made another invocation after writing this topic and i received the same shape but this time it looked more like a bird with its head turned to the left @kiss-lamia-lilith probably saw it before me, i think some parts are missing i need to focus more again to get the overall shape.

Something like this? It’s the old Norse flag of Denmark.


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Yes like this but more basic with straight lines like a primitive drawing, thanks for the sharing

It could be a Nordic entity? Which means party :tada:


:grin::grin: hopefully :grin: got a boost here


Double fire

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Hi everyone, back again. So I came up with results but unfortunately not as you expected it. I finally discovered the Sigil…Astaroth’s Sigil. I had received many symbols and shapes, i was rejecting the one that came the most in my mind, the star, just because I thought it was misleading me, but yesterday Astaroth guided me in BALG for some infos on Jupiter, which is the planet ruled by her, that made discover the meaning of almost everything i saw in TGS, as well as her Sigil which almost looked like my previous drawings, (knowing that I never been interested in Her before, in my ignorance and blindness)

These drawings were made while I was trying to recreate her sigil with shapes that I received in Alpha and Theta state. However the particularity with the 1st sigil on the top is the bird itself, the small circle on the top had to be placed in front of the bird’s head, the bird IS a vulture, that was the vision, now i think it could be something else to verify.

Her sigil
So, while i was surprised to discover Astaroth’s sigil, i suddenly heard footsteps behind me, she was there waiting for me, few minutes later I decided to invoke her.
She heavily inspired me place 5 candles and recreate her star around my circle of protection, i don’t why.
She made me understand that she has been sent to me by Lucifer.
I wish I could talk about our conversation but this is much more personal.
I’m really greatful that she finally cleared things up for me.

ps: On her Sigil, look at the bottom and top triangles and you have the logo of Citroen.


Here are a couple images based on your sketches. I hope these suffice as proper sigils for you:


Niiice, i just saved them, thanks :blush::blush:

Glad you like them. The use of the vulture and the circle has sort of an Egyptian feel to it, i think.

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Ancient spirits usually have stories linked to Egypt, who knows… But i believe the Vulture is the appearance of another spirit, maybe a vision given by Astaroth about another spirit… The shape that looks like a Vulture is actually a part of her sigil the circle to the left also…my mistake…was a bit confused with all these shapes… But everthing is getting clear now.

Alright, some updates on my researches, finally discovered the entity behind the vulture mask, Her name is TUCHULCHA, an entity from the Underworld.
Everytthing you need to know about her >>

Next is AZAZEL’s sigil, confirmed by VK JEHANNUM
just in case you wonder, i have no doubt on the connection between Citroen and Azazel.

The number seven came from BABALON, i obviously wasn’t in position to determine her Sigil at that time, but i remember seeing the heptagramm.