Any recommended books for practical magick?

I just finished reading Archangel’s of magick, the 72 angels of magick, words of power and Magickal servitor, these are all from the gallery of magick.

Can anyone recommend me books (or books from the gallery of magick) on practical magic?

Practical magick? What do you mean? In a sense all of them are. :thinking:

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My bad.

Lmao you are fine dude, just clarify what do you mean, though, is anything else more practical than GOM books? I dont know man.

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I like these three…all practical.

Six Ways. (Approaches & Entries for Practical Magic) by Aidan Wachter

Lucifer and the Hidden Demons (A Practical Grimoire From The Order of Unveiled Faces) by Theodore Rose

Pragmatic Magics (A Grimoire of Modern Sorcery) by Brother MOLOCH 969


I would add “The Magick of Angels and Demons”, by Henry Archer. Amazing grimoire, really useful and easy to use (the ritual may look long and complicated, but if you take notes, there are only 13 easy steps to perform and it works surprisingly fast).