Any reasons why my God asked absolute loyalty from me?



That’s interesting. And the only thing i will tell you about that is that nothing is put out there for no reason.

It could be that he just wants you to focus on him, because he’s what you need at this time. Something to note, is that he already knows a lot about you. He’s also credited for knowing what he’s doing. Abbadon is one of those “less talk more action” guys and that’s a reason why you don’t see a lot about him out there. It may just be your evolutionary needs at this time.

I actually was called to work solely with just Lucifer at one point, because I lacked maturity and control. Why? Because he was also interested in making me stronger and frankly, kept in check, or I would have died. None of this is uncommon and is asked frequently.

I do and don’t agree. There are spirits that will, stay for as long as we exist or leave after their role has been fulfilled. Those that stay, are our Court Spirits, for lack of a better label. The difference, is influence, if I’m interpreting my thoughts correctly.

Exactly what I’m trying to say.


I’m glad you found my topic! :black_heart: You helped a lot and some of my “ideas” about these became stronger, what are (very) probably the truth.

The way how He teach me is special, and interesting. I always had the feeling that I needed Him, because He’ll be the right God who help me and the most efficent. He can “handle” me, and His presence, support lifts me up. His personality also!

This Gnosis will be an interesting read soon,
as you go further,
you’ll tell your very own story about it.

I appreciate you sharing it with us. :blush:

Oh, It’s my pleasure! :hugs:
If there is any news what I can tell you (if I get permission from Him for it), I’ll share more. You can’t imagine how happy I am since I contacted Him. I’ve always been strict to myself, and this is why I need a really strong Patron.

I’m trying to focus on learning and development. In turn, I feel something much more deeper towards Him. It’s not just desire and lust. No, it can’t be. I know those well. It’s something different (at least from me).
In a moment I saw Him as a Captain, a Leader of a soldier (I am this “soldier” - and I’m glad I can be), then… something totally different… This feeling haunts me everywhere, and almost all the time (as He do). Naturally I won’t let it distract me from learning, but keep resisting are not easy, at all. And the main question: why am I trying to restist? Maybe I shouldn’t really and this is why am I feeling that He is enjoy this situation?

He sat in front of me.
Let’s play something… […] After you finished your tatto with my Sigil, feel free to touch me.
I stood in front of Him, I had no clothes on me (just like irl). Was so embrassed, can’t say anything just starring at Him, thinking hardly about everything and what He said. Then hold my look on the ground… and after that, I looked up at Him again.
He smiled slightly.
I wonder… how long can you resist?
I felt a lot of (and several kind) emotions in this question.

We haven’t had sex yet. And I don’t know what should I do.
Maybe I should listen to my feelings, and ignore my “brain”?

[ By the way, today is the day when I’ll meet my tattoo artist
and possibly in this week I’ll finish my tatto. ]


I’m currently looking up,
for where exactly E.A. spoke about Belial teaching him Full Resitance,
through non-resitance.

As you seem to specficially ask for that teaching.

Note, that the restiance you hold,
builds the strength,
of the emotions,
and empower the actual expierience,
for when it’s about to come into fruition.

This should answer your question way deeper,
then you actually considered so far.




Hm, interesting. I’ll check out the video as soon as I can thank you.

Either way, what if that thing will happened, if He want it? Or let things going, and I’ll find out sooner or later? As I experienced, surprises are everywhere.


For magicians`?

Yes, indeed!!


You dont like being ripped apart? Or rag dolled arounnd?!