Any plans for new year?

Anyone planning to do a ritual for new years day? Lot of energy that day.

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Yes I am


You up for sharing

See post 'through the black mirror and back"


I was just in the middle of reading that.


I will give a small hint. One offering is Mango Nectar.


Yes, Belial for the first time New years day night. I will dedicate my stopping smoking to him I plan on as mentioned in another post.

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It’s 2:00 PM here in the Netherlands and i’m planning to evoke Lucifer at midnight :smiley:

I’m gonna go to the store to buy a nice bottle of wine to give as an offering.

If I get the message from him to evoke King Paimon, then I will evoke him as well after Lucifer is gone.

I want to propose a pact, to open my chakras, and Lucifer or King Paimon are the best demons to help me.

We just went into 2019 here in Australia and my first thought of the year is to curse the Roman Catholic Church. I directed so much anger and rage to call upon the Catholic Church’s destruction. And so it’s done.

Happy New Year!!!



Happy New Year !! :smiley::fireworks::sparkler: