Any other fae here? 👀

I can’t find my own kind around my immediate social circle, though I’ve found fairies.

I can’t find FAE though, in location or in another soul.

My sister appears sometimes, but she doesn’t have answers for my questions (not in a malicious manner, she is either sworn to secrecy or she genuinely doesn’t know)

My feathered friends can’t answer my questions either.
I just wanna see if anyone here is like me or knows a beginner meditation routine to start doing to find a Fae door


Fae and fairies are the same thing.


Are you looking for like…Otherkin, specifically of the Fae variety or what? Your post isn’t exactly clear.


They are definitely not lol
Fae are much more sinister, much taller, and don’t live in otherworld/fairyland.

Both Fae the dimension and other people who are fae I guess?
When I meditate I have Luna moth wings, so :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I typed Fae on Google and found this


The Tuatha De Danan are not fairies, the Fae mentioned above are mistaken for fairies…
You have a lot more digging around to do before you can chime in love. Keep looking.

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This is meant to be encouraging and I’m sorry it comes off rude :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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There’s different sizes of Faeries. They all fall under the Fae class. I’m a nature witch and work with all kinds of Fae from fairies to gnomes to elves to virtues to the Celtic Parthenon which are Fae as well.


Can you message me? :grin:

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Sure can! Give me a little.

Why are you looking for Fae? Are you looking for them in the astral or as incarnated spirits?


I have a Fae aspect from my incarnations there

There was a good medidation on YouTube but I couldn’t find it. You can access a portal via your access Mundi as well