Any more information about Asmoday?

I’ve seen some threads about him, but I was wondering if anyone here has something more to add? A new experience or new info would be very useful!


Have you summoned him already?


Yes, kind of.
I’m waiting as I’m working with a bunch of entities already, but he showed up for me before I called. I was wondering how to go from now on…


Keep evoking him and the connection between you two will grow stronger.


If you guys can’t communicate yet properly he will likely speak through numbers and music.

So don’t worry


alright, thank you! this is the kind of confirmation I needed, I’ll keep going!
do you have something to suggest about communication in general? How to open senses and such?

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What allows us to see spirits is the magickal imagination now I’m going, to be honest, I don’t know a whole lot about the magickal imagination all I know is that activating the third eye to a certain level will allow us to perceive spirits a lot easier.

In other words, Meditating on the third eye will help you develop
These are what ye need there are other senses but hey aren’t as important right now.

But I know you probably don’t have time to activate these senses to the level required to see spirits and hear spirits right now so what you need is to enter TGS.

It’s pretty much a state of mind that lets your mind translate what the spirit is saying into something you can understand in your mind.

When the spirit talks it’s like talking to your self in your mind or reading to your self.

At first, it might feel it’s just you making it up and trust me you are not, In fact, it’s very hard to do that in TGS.

Try talking to spirits without being in TGS too it will help train you to receive messages.

Just trust whatever your receiving trust me it’s probably not you it’s probably them.

And yes spirits especially Daemons can say some ridiculous shit sometimes that might make you think it’s you when really it’s them.

Read the whole thread and you will be fine and don’t over complicate TGS it’s actually really easy to get into.

And if all fails don’t worry spirits get creative they will somehow get you to understand them whether it be From Music,Numbers or even a fucking billboard ad.


Get ready for intense anger, lust & humor lol


This is really useful, thank you! I’m kinda excited to try it already, I’ll give it a go soon and probably post some kind of update here.

lust & humor??? sign me up!
I guess we"ll have a blast together, haha

but wait, why anger?


Probably that best post on TGS on this site.
FYI everyone sees something different with TGS
Some people see static
Some people see what looks like rain that’s frozen in the air
Others like me see more subtle things like our vision simply getting blurry.


Let me tell you man Daemons are so misunderstood their fucking awesome.
I mean me and Belial we’re listening to some Metalica and Dragon force
Then we watched anime
We just met keep in mind.

Not kidding lol.

But if you got more questions about TGS ask some other forum members I normally rely on my Clairaudience to talk to these guys.
which is exactly like TGS except your not in it so it isn’t like you have to get into the trance always but It definitely helps deepen the connection.

Just always remember to keep your end of the bargain

If you ask a Daemon to help with your Astral senses you better make an effort or they won’t help
Then again they will already know if you are going to take the relationship seriously with one glance.


he is also ashema deava of wrath & anger so if you’ve been repressing it. Its going to come pouring out lol


funny you said that, I always feel like Orobas is with me all the time giving input on situations and just reminding me that he is here but I always think this as “nah, maybe its just me making this up” because he is always so active without me doing any meditation previously, so I get a little skeptical. I guess I’ll have to listen to him better from now on then!

and okay, I’ll do my best! and thank you again! you ended up helping me on something else, haha

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I find him confusing, many mixed messages. I can’t tell if he enjoys pissing me off, or if he’s trying to teach me.


I think I’m slowly getting better/closer to TGS, and if so, we can add fast blue sparks to the list of possible signs of success.

The last time I tried just to listen to ambient stuff (no target entity) and saw the sparks, I also got pop-up thoughts talking about a Nicholas, a difficult situation, something about Jesus, and the statements “you have to lose something to do nothing” and “Ask us”. Then I fell asleep, and was startled back awake by the sound of myself starting to snore due to the angle of my neck and head, hahahahaha.

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looks like me. Sometimes I sleep when I’m getting into trance and finally “sensing” something. Today I was punished tho, slept into the middle of an invocation and choked with air somehow, got up afterwards XD

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In addition to enns, the 72 Goetics have mantras. That of Asmoday is “Asmoday Korum Xanay”.


Sorry if I sound ignorant… but what is asmoday ??

He is a demon!

here is something to summarize: