Any magick tips for better orgasms?

So I Want To Experience A REALLY Strong Orgasm So Any Advice On Something I Can Do To Experience A Stronger Orgasm? Btw Please Leave Any Rude Comments Away From This Post. I’m Being Serious And I’m Not Trying To Be Offensive

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When I’m right at orgasm I will say the spirit or persons name in my head … like who im crushing on or what spirit I’m connected to …
I’m married to Set so I get an image of him in my head and call his name. I have powerfull orgasms…


Move more slowly. Take your time and tell yourself that orgasming is not a race. Make yourself feel like you have all the time in the world. Kinda like meditating during the act.

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This works very well, as does using the sexual energy to structure their sigil within your root chakra. You can then either push your orgasmic energy towards them as an offering, or pull it deeper inside you with their sigil as a sort of boost to the effect. Either way it’s a great way to connect to them or heal yourself sexually. Especially great for those who have any sort of shame or trauma tied to their sexuality.

I would use a spirit who your very comfortable with or who specializes in sex magick. Lilith and Naamah are great for this especially in healing, as is Asmodeus. He’s greatly helped me with reducing the shame I feel towards sharing myself with anyone. Sitri, Lucifer, and Belial would be good choices too.


Beleth from Goetia is said to help with orgasms in ‘Demons of Magick’.

Bruh magick and all magick inquire (questions) you have are for your ascent and yours alone. Dont give an inch to anyone or feel judged for what you want to learn or have questions about.

The quicker you stop giving a fuck about the world and their opinions and start manifesting your own the quicker youll be to godhood.

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Learn to cycle energy through your body.

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Over dramatize each breath and movement, if you are practicing some self centered orgasm work really let yourself come out (comedy), but really, you gotta be free in your own body doing you. Focus on nothing but the sensations and your breath, I find moving my hips and back also go a long way.

You can also practice semen retention, where you build up, then fall build up then fall build up then fall.
Kegals will also improve your orgasm quality and are essential for semen retention and the long game.


Anal play stimulates the male G spot well