Any magicians from Turkey

Hi I want to meet some magicians, any one in here from Turkey?


Pm ing you in a second.

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I don’t know much English, I’m Turkish too. can you send me a dm? @LSD

I am Turkish too


Buyrun benim, hello

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Heyyyy. U can dm me.

Am I late?

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no bro welcome

So glad you all responded , i would really like to meet with some like minded people that do magic .

Im very often in turkey, ankara
But im not turkish


afgan or arab?

Afghan bro but born rsised in germany

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So is there any specific Turkish or now even Afgan magic you would like to share with us?

What is Turkish magic?

I don’t no that’s why I’m asking you

Our ancestors used to be great shamans, arab culture and islam has ruines it, i.wish we knew much more about them


your ancestors were not shamans even the gods were warrior gods Turkish ancestors were warriors not wizards.

Turks do not have a religion or magic system to which they belong.

Tengrism? Isnt that the religion they practiced beforehand. I actually believe turks were warriors and some of the turks were shamans as well

Tengrism was not a belief system that came from us, they worshiped religions with different myths as they are now.

Wherev3r it came from it was used a lot by the turks and was the main one before islam