Any Interesting Ritual suggestion for Beginners?

Anyone know some good rituals to try out? Please tell, I’m curious and don’t know where else to look.

What do you want to do? First, decide on what you want. What desire are you looking to fulfill? Magick should always have a purpose. That is why calling up a spirit just to see if it will appear rarely works.


Like anything? I really would love to try to get rid of some of the tension between me and my mom, as she is a really pushy and strict christian kind of mom. I always feel like no matter what I do i will always be in the wrong with her. So I guess I desire peace or relief. Is there anything that might work for that?

Yes, there are many spells that can help bring peace with your mom.

Do you have any experience with magick? Have you done candle spells before?

Evoking a demon might be beyond you if you are a complete beginner, but candle magick doesn’t require much. You could also open a spirit seal. There are many angels and demons that can bring about peace and reconciliation.

Edit to add: Another option is a honey jar, to “sweeten” your mom.

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I’ve done nothing with magick so far, other than a “joke” ritual with my friend a couple years ago. it was the widely know pentagram and candles kind of thing. but other than that no. I’m willing to prepare myself for it though, i just don’t know how.

oh? how would a honey jar work?

I moved my mom in, and I’m moving my Temple out.

She is hyper Christian and wont even allow me to do a healing for her.

She didn’t object to my performing an exorcism to her room to banish a dark spirit that sat on her bed, though.

Spend more time thinking about what you want from magick. It isn’t a genie, and it can produce some extreme effects if mishandled. Take it slow.


If you use the forum’s search function in the upper right (the little magnifying glass) and just type in “honey jar” you will find plenty of information.

It usually involves taking a link to the target, like a photograph, and putting it in a jar with herbs and spices like sugar and honey to “sweeten” them. It works through the principles of sympathetic magick, similar to the stereotypical voodoo doll you see in the movies (though the effect isn’t immediate and usually manifests slowly)

Another option is to find the seal of a spirit that fits the bill and use this technique:


Sounds good, i have every intent to keep it safe, but I’m in a slight rush as my mom has been getting more and more forceful, up to the point that I may have to move out at 14 in the next coming year. I can devote several months to studying before I attempt anything though if that’s what I need to do. Thank you for the concern though


Thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction, I’ll be sure to take a look!

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thank you to you both for your help. I appreciate you putting in the time to help me! goodnight

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I highly recommend the ritual of buying books and reading them.


As you’re a beginner, you’ll be fine with the rituals contained in the Gallery of Magick books. Damon Brand, Adam Blackthorne, Zanna Blaise, and Gordon Winterfield. Their books require no need for altars, candles, incense and other magickal tools. Their rituals are usually very simple. Their books explain everything you need to know and are affordable. They’re available in Kindle format if you require privacy. There are some rituals in their books that can help bring peace and harmony to your relationship with your mother. You can also look up Ben Woodcroft. He has some excellent, yet simple angelic rituals that are great for beginners, and again, they don’t require any tools or props.

Haha, does that particular ritual require any special materials? I’ve sort of done that, I’m just struggling finish reading one. It"s very different than what I’m used to.

thanks for the suggestion, I’ll definitely check out those auhors

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ok, so i actually have a goal in mind this time, and i want to know if there are any rituals to change ones physical appearance. and is there a possibility of attaching other body parts from animals to yourself? like does something like this exist and how difficult to achieve would it be?

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Astrally, sure, why not.

Physically…not so much. They used to use pig hearts for heart transplants but now technology is used instead.

As for changing one’s appearance magically, look into glamour magick (altering the perceptions of others so they see what you want them to see) and shapeshifting.

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the animal part i got from my friend. like for example in anime some human characters have cat ears and tails? thats just an example though, i know anime is unrealistic, i was thinking more along the lines of stuff for practical use, like wings or scales. actually a cats tail would be great for balance.

Even with magick, you cannot override the laws of this world, and human biology has certain rules it must follow. The body will reject organs from another human. What do you think it will do if you try to graph animal parts onto it?

Humans are animals ourselves, and we used to have tails (that’s why the coccyx is called the “tail bone”) and children are sometimes born with one to this day, so growing one is probably about the only thing you mentioned actually within the realm of possibility.

The rules of the physical realm can be bent, and twisted, but they cannot be outright broken. They are elastic and will snap back into place almost as soon as you try. it is one of the reason why large scale magical manifestations are almost impossible.