Any Ideas on longevity

I asked Azazel about physical immortality and he said eventually I would have to leave my body behind, so at that point I asked him about longevity and he said that it was possible through occult and technological means… after I thought about this I asked him about physical immortality again just worded differently and he started talking about how it was possible to slow aging down to a snails pace but the body still has to age, even if it’s not observable. I asked him if it was possible to achieve this without giving up my physical training and he said there was some people who remained “strong” until their dying breath

Ok, so what’s your take on this? any ideas on longevity? any personal experiences? please list everything that doesn’t include things like not overexerting your body or calorie restriction… because if I can’t do things like trail running, parkour, bouldering, and gymnastics then longevity immediately drops on my priorities. I want to live as long as I am able bodied and then either achieve crystilization of consciousness or transfer bodies…

on the Transferring bodies part, I talked to Azazel about this and the memory wipe effects but he said there was a way around losing your memories but didn’t go further into detail

Shapeshifting would be the most effective means to doing this long term physically as whenever you begin to age noticibly you could just shift into a younger form. But yeah there’s alot of material on this but no time to go into it right now, I’ll get back to this topic later.

I keep trying to reach Azazel, but I’m not having any luck. I haven’t popped my “psychic cherry” yet. Tell him to come to my house LOL

I think through physical training and diet age can be extended. Yoga, qigong and similar systems I think are the way to go, you get some crazy old and fit people who practice these.

My greatgrand father lived to 106 and had the strength to tend his garden up until a few months before his death. He was at that time moved into a care facility because he was to old and italian to keep up with paying bills and other social obligations in a technologically changing world. So I atribute his death to be taken away from his garden. So it seems clear to me that you also need to have something to drive you.

At this stage I am not so fussed about living down here for ever, my current understanding is that there are greater adventures to be had beyond the flesh, I certainly don’t rush towards that but I have accepted the inevitable.

I have the same view but there are too many things I want to do down here to be satisfied with the normal lifespan… as soon as my body no longer serves a purpose I’ll probably move on, but so long as I am able bodied and able minded I don’t think that is happening anytime soon