Any good keyboard app for android that adds runic letters to the phone font?

Hello people, just a brief introduction before i start with the main topic, I’m new to the forum so any tips on how to make better post is welcome.

So on, I’m starting a new music project with some friends and I’m using some runic letters on the background of some videos and photos for the records, so I’ve been wondering if any one knows any good app that allows you to use runic letters such as, Elder futhark and Anglo Saxon are the main runic alphabets I’m using but I’m having a bad time having to print the translated text and putting in to the photos, I believe a rune keyboard and fonts for android my currently OS on my phone would greatly help me and improve my time with this edition work, any help in this matter is welcome, thx for the attention and have a good begin of this year.

I have an app that lets you type out a sentence and then copy the runes to be pasted elsewhere. Its called runic alphabet on the playstore.

Ive looked for a runic keyboard also. No luck.

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The runic forms are difficult to grasp and difficult to reach. Runic text converter may helps you solve this problem and translates the text to runic for you automatically.