Any good exercies for strengthening the Astral senses?

I am looking for some good exercises on strengthening the astral senses, especially my astral sense of taste and smell, I want to strengthen those ones the most, because my other astral senses are already ok, but I still want any exercises you guys know of.


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Having sex with incubi and succubi exercises everything

Make offerings to spirits or practice recalling memories and the senses associated with them


“Astral senses” are basically using your clairs while astral projected, that’s really the only way to exercise your “astral senses” which is really just psychic senses when they’re used in the astral.

For me, the way that I’ve done/do it is simply projecting, and then proceeding to focus on that specific sense as deeply as I can. That really is the simplest way to do it. Such as, if you want to strengthen taste, then simply… taste things. Sure, you could spend the time doing a convoluted exercise, but I see no point.

OO, I also remembered there was those, and then I wanted to know exercises for clairofaction, and then the clair for tasting.

In my perfuming training we learned how to experience an aroma by putting it into concrete terms. Using Jasmine as an example:
What color is it? Is it hot or cold? What does it sound like? What song or music is it? What image is it? How does it move or dance? What does it feel like? What memories does it evoke? Is it light or heavy? Etc.

You can apply the same thing to taste as well. It really does help develop the Clairs.