Any experiences with putting a spirit in stuffed toys?

I’m curious if anyone has any experiences with putting a spirit like a familiar in a stuffed toy? Maybe it is unwise, so I want to know if anyone has had any adverse experiences from it.


I’ve used stuffed toys for servitor vessels to give my children. I bought duplicates, kept one for me, gave one to them.

You can really use anything that makes you feel like the connection is increased, it’s not necessary as far as I’m concerned for any type of spirit, but it does give you a focal point and allow a place where their energy exists, usually even after a banishing, making connection easier.


Well i guess its time to make FNAF real.

Who wants to be William Afton?
Who are the brave legendary kids willing to possess the animatronics?

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Well i guess if absolutely anything can be a servitor vessel,why not a corpse? Im ready for smart zombies.

Corpses rot. If you bound a servitor to a corpse, then once that body became slush, the servitor would no longer have a physical anchor and would either dissipate, or, if it was strong enough, possibly stand on its own as an independent spirit. It would never be a Hollywood style zombie though since, you know, those don’t exist.

It is for this reason that spirits are most often bound to bones, particularly skulls, but also femurs, and sometimes finger bones as well.


@DarkestKnight Yes i was recently made aware by Mulberry that non living and inanimate bodies or objects cannot just get up and walk around like us just by being possessed and or the vessel of a servitor.

Really surprising thing is i didn’t think of the part where it rots away even through i already know dang well that the dead decompose.

Also im aware i should have known zombies and other physical undead are impossible but somehow i kinda thought i was the one person who could find a way like some kind of anime protagonist.

Im always half convinced that im smarter than most humans and therefore could do things with magick which nobody else could find a way to do.