Any entity that can help me in getting some money from my parents?

I was hoping to get some money from my parents but they are kind of strict, even though they can give me money but they wont. So is there any entity that can help me in either convincing them or make them understand my needs and give me some money.

King Paimon

Think bigger.

actually in the beginning it should be think smaller. Do small things as it will give you experience and is easier to do. Dont walk before you can crawl

Seeing and hearing them is the magical practise.

It’s asking a powerful for entity for something, if you can see them and hear them to begin with, that’s not your own sorcery, not really, it’s theirs, + your summoning.

It’s like a billionaire saying “hey poor person, heres a blank check? How much you want”

And you just say “Eh I dno a 100 bucks?”

If it’s just like ritual and hoping for the best, sure why not, but if this individual has the senses.

Just ask for a tonne of cash and they can have their own life.

If he asks which entity to contact for money he cant communicate with spirits properly, but i understand what you mean. Take care