Any easy money spells?

Hi can any 1 tell me any easy my ney spells to do? I only have a green candle

No one is available to take your spell as we all won the lottery and moved to the astral plane.

Please leave a message and we’ll get back to you at the end of time.



You may repeat/vibrate either the rune Fehu (and look at its symbol), the mantra Shreem or the bija-mantra of the Manipura chakra: Ram, although I wouldn’t know of complete spells involving them.
It’s also possible (maybe keeping the candle for some future working) to draw the sigil of Sandalphon, Clauneck, Mammon, Lucifuge or Bune and gaze at it: look while relaxing your eyes. Imagine the desired situation as already real, and feel all the related emotion. Then say an “affirmation” corresponding to that situation you want and forget about the spell.
There are also St Expedite and Santa Muerte, for example. In any case do only one spell or ritual, the point is being sure of its effectiveness.


K. Thanks! Do u know if u can send me 1 of Lucifuge’s Sigil?

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