Any demons that can help me with finding a relationship?

I have been single my entire life and have a hard time finding a relationship. I just turned 20 and I cant figure out why I haven’t been able to find a relationship that I know wouldn’t bite me in the ass later. I’ve tried many things like changing the way a dress or how I look. It feels like I’m being toyed with. every time
I get something good in my life it just disappears or blows up on me. I’m not trying to make this a sob story but it’s getting old. if you have another deities that could help I’m all ears. Thank you.

I wnt tell u wat deities to call. Invoqe bcse every one follow different paths, but look tim besaw in amazon. His book to look for real love . Amazing short ebook. Or look here, its a lot of choices to do.

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i dabble in just about every kind of magik and it doesn’t hurt to learn new things

One girl in one of the latest MFWB groups asked for something just right for her, she got the first results like 10 later, so it is very much possible to get you the perfect partner.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that there was 20 people and everyone did something different, so it is next to impossible to know what working did it (or even if it was ONE working and not all of them).

In any event, I would ask Aphrodite for a filter of sorts, so the people you meet is just right for you (I’ve done this for a friend and it seems it worked for her).


I work very closely with Furfur my last relationship I was in was ment to be temporary I guess cause it lasted for two years I did know he e wasn’t the one but stayed any way things got rocky n we ended well I ended it he was a terrible man before the break up I did ask that he be made right for me and the opposite happened it’s just that I made good friends with a guy that was just right for me shortly before the break up and he was there for me through it now I’m happier than I thought I would be with him so talk with Furfur to see if he can do what is right for you

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Tul is said to know all things about the nature of soulmates and from my experience, can draw in the nearest match for you.

I tend to look at the term soul mate much more loosely than the rest of the forum, as in I think it’s a match for you, not necessarily one you have a past life history with, however.

Believe he can be found in Kingdom of Flames, but his sigil is floating around here on the forum in a few threads. I’ve personally evoked him like you would any other demon.


This seems like a paradigm. Is a very dangerous Statement. Do you think other people see you as single too? Do you see yourself as elderly saying that??

It seems you center on what isn’t there. At the same time maybe you feed it energy.

You are very young and there is still time for you to manifest a relationship

Try the Law of attraction and mantras: the perfect guy is searching for me and finds me very soon cause I am loving and loveble.

The change must start inside. Men feel rapidly if a woman is desperate for a relationship.

Do you think others see you like that? or is your personal impression?

That is such a dangerous Statement. For witches is something really unspeakable cause witches have the power of the word.

Hagith, Hera, Isis, Freya


I’m sure it can’t be that bad, I’m 26 and still single, if you feel extremely horny there are escort services, you can look into that, if you are seeking a relationship, you can try Lilith

If you feel like you want to increase sex appeal, try the spell:


Are you set on having a demon for this work? I work 85% with demons. However, I used Angels of Love by Zenna Blaise - and have had amazing results.