Any connections with Dantalion?

Does anyone have a strong connection with Dantalion that can ask him if he heard my petition or if he’s working on it or if there’s anything else he wanted as far as my offer? I’ve tried to connect but it’s not working. I’d trust him working I just don’t trust I made any connection to where he heard me or agreed to it.
Any real help would be greatly appreciated.

Keep communicating and he will come thru. Dantalion gave me some pretty neat gifts. Mind reading/manipulation and control of thoghtforms to name a few. Keep contacting. Dantalion is amazing.


Sorry this might be a stupid question but when people say they have contacted - do they mean doing a sigil and meditating and waiting to hear intuitively from an entity?

And how do you know you’ve made contact?


When I SAY connect, I mean feel anything. Shift in atmosphere, a presence, an epiphany, an idea answering my question. Or even shadows physical appearance. Anything. I’m not sure about others tho.


What did you do yo communicate with him?

I actually have a connection to him he heard you but you need to believe in your self and even more so practice and meditate more so you can gain full everything try sleeping with his sigil under your pillow and also charge it with energy maybe talk to it sing to it play music that u feel he may like or hear or give it your own energy through visualisation I hope this helps


Thanks it kinda does
Do you know if he said he’d work on my petition or if he’d prefer a different offering or anything? Or is that not how it works? Sorry I’m trying to still figure out how it all really works

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When i initially tried to contact him for a favor i too thought he ignored me…low and behold a couple of months later…he came thru…just stop thinking about it…he will come thru in divine time…


Thanks. I suppose it’s not that I don’t trust he’d come thro. More as i was not sure I dialed right to even get a hold of him.

Did he say anything else?

No not at all

@Nachtdiegall i made his sigil and focused on it until i felt his presence then communicated. Had to be done in a meditative trance, ive practiced enought tho easily communicate. Meditate with a stong intention to recieve messages and be receptive to them.


Have you read this thread?

[All about Dantalion](http://Dantalion tips (and everything that you need to know about him))

He rejected me too :pleading_face:

I can’t open that link but if it’s the one I’m thinking of then yes I have. I was only asking cuz I know I wanted to know what works for different ppl. It seems a lot of ppl have a slight variation of connecting or invoking him a bit.

Yah, sorry about the link I was in a hurry and messed it up.

Evoking Dantalion will be the same as with any other Daemon really. Yah, you can lure him with all the stuff he likes. But that wont do much good if you haven’t enough practice evoking. You just need to put in the time. Keep trying, dont over think it. Thats the main hurdle to evoking.

Learn to achieve a light trance state. Some use self hypnosis, some use shamanic techniques. Use what works for you. Once you can achieve that light trance state which some people have fancy names for, you can see,hear, feel, that which you are evoking. All the other stuff about colors, scents, days, planets. That just sweetens the deal, and may make somethings stronger.