Any Cloaking Sigils?

Yo, i dont have a license and im riding a motorbike, in my country there are traffic police on bikes that stops people without licenses, i dont wanna get caught so i wanna ask the forum if there are any cloaking sigils i can carry on myself, or incantations to avoid getting attention from the Traffic Police. i already went through so many threads and i can’t seem to find any regarding my situation. help would be appreciated asap

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I am not sure if sigils works that way, maybe you can use a manipulator demon’s sigil so if you get caught it might help you

You can do the Rose Cross ritual for invisibility. Magicians have used it for years to get out of traffic tickets.

However, there is a major downside: You will literally not register in people’s minds, so car accidents have been known to happen, and if you’re on a bike, being hit by a car could kill you.

Why not just get a license, instead of taking the risk?


There’s this one exercise by Damien Echols that’s pretty simple. I’ll leave it as the first link and the exercise starts around the 50 minute mark. There’s also a talisman project using multiple practitioners for protection that could help while you’re out and about. This will be the second link and the actual practice will start around the 38 minute mark. Hope this helps

invisibility ritual - YouTube (Cloaking, 50:00)
Talisman of protection - YouTube (Protection, 38:00)